Moronic Survey 2020: Take Part in it Now, Dammit!

The moronic survey 2020
Cast your vote!

Okay, we’ve decided to do a report of 2020 to find out how stupid the year was. And we need YOU to take part.

Complete the Moronic Survey—Now!

To take part, please click on the following: Moronic Survey 2020.

This’ll take you through to a form to fill in. There are eight questions. These pertain to the following things:

  • How moronic 2020 was in general.
  • How moronic you are.
  • What you think about daffodils.
  • What you think about James Cameron’s film Titanic.

Please answer the questions as truthfully as possible. Although you’re also welcome to lie your ass off.

Once we have a sizeable mount of input, we’ll gather all the available data to create a quantitative and qualitative report. Whatever those words mean.

In short, we’ll be looking to get The Moron Report out later in November to determine some cold, hard facts about the year in general.

Purposes of the Moronic Report

There were many reasons that motivated us to get this survey out to the world. It’s been a strange old year.

As such, with much determination we want to determine:

  • How moronic our readers are.
  • What the lowdown really is on daffodils.

The other questions aren’t so important. But we want 2020 to be a defining year for the daffodil. And that’s what this report will solve.

Your Survey Data

It’s our duty to protect your data at all costs (unless it does cost us any money, then that’s all in the air really).

It’s 101% private and confidential to enter the survey. You don’t need to fill in any personal details.

You just need to complete the eight questions. Even a lazy person could do that, eh?

So, please, indulge us. This is the most important survey of 2020. And we need your help to get the moronic word out there.


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