Lancashire Bomb Cheese: Non-Explosive Tasty Dairy Product

Lancashire Cheese Bomb

Do you like cheese? Do you like explosions?! Then this is the dairy product for you, straight from the heart of up north English life.

What’s the Lancashire Cheese Bomb?

It’s a creamy cheese that’s presented in a black wax casing, which is in the shape of a small bomb.

The cheese is typically just referred to as a “bomb” or “Lancashire bomb”, so you can go into one of these stores in the North West and essentially ask for a bomb. Fun, eh?

From our research, such as on Shorrocks Cheese, there are two types of Lancashire bombs:

  1. 460g variant
  2. 230g variant

The one you want depends on personal preference on the amount of dairy/bomb you want in your life.

They cost about £10 and are aged over 24 months. The cheese is strong and crumbly, plus suitable for vegetarians.

There are variations in the flavour, including garlic, onion, and hot chilli.

What’s the History of the Lancashire Bomb Cheese?

Shorrocks Cheese is a family-run business that created the bomb in 1923. Andrew Shorrock was the inventor.

Since then, it’s become pretty iconic with the Lancashire area.

It’s up there with the likes of black pudding and Chorley cakes. A proper belting Northern thing that’s as Northern as Northern gets.

It’s all part of the legend that is Lancashire cheeses, which dates back to the 12th century. We sure do love our dairy, you know?

Crumbly cheeses were actually banned during WWII as the government felt it wasn’t a suitable rationing food. Production didn’t begin again until 1948.

How Do You Make Cheese?

If you’re after making your own Lancashire bomb cheese (although you can buy one from Amazon and import it to wherever you are), here’s a guide.

Well, we don’t know how to… you can follow the above video for some tips. But the ingredients you’ll need include the below.

Three gallons of milk (not ultra-pasteurised)

Three millimetres of single strength liquid rennet

A pinch of salt

Half a tablespoon of calcium chloride

That should do it. Just remember if you’re going to a Lancashire bomb, don’t add in any TNT. Yeah? That’d be just dumb. Fun… but dumb.


  1. This looks so good that I went to Amazon to find it. I live in the U.S. and did not find a product exactly like what you’ve shown. There were Lancaster cheddars but no bombs.

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