Toree 3D: A Super Cheap Mini-Retro Fun Blast Platformer

Toree 3D

For 89p (less than $1) you can’t go wrong with this indie platformer from German indie team Diplodocus Games. It’s super short, but a lot of fun. Plus, it’s cheap! Cheep!

Journey Back to the ’90s With Toree 3D

After seeing a very positive review from Nintendo Life about Toree 3D, we decided to give it a whirl. 89 pence will never break the bank.

What you get in return is a mid-late ’90s 3D platformer you’d get on the PlayStation.

Think Bubsy 3D, Pandemonium, and all those over PSX romps that were a shaky polygonal foray into the world of 3D platforming.

Not that we’re saying that’s a bad thing. As Toree 3D is bloody great!

We have here an indie title boasting great level design, clever ideas, and a proper challenge for all level of gamers.

There are nine levels, which you run and jump through with cut back, minimalistic controls. It’s refreshingly basic, really.

You get a rating for how well you defeat each course. And these are tricky, as you have to collect little stars as you run along.

All while trying to finish each level quickly. So to get anything above a C is good going.

What’s surprising about Toree 3D is it’s just bare bones fun.

With its low-poly looks it may look like a game belonging to 1997. And, well, that’s exactly how it feels.

But there’s nothing wrong with that. What the game achieves is to take somewhat wonky gaming mechanics from a different era and make it work.

It does that through concise and engaging levels with a proper challenge, rewarding you for risks and clever thinking.

Speedrunning is also encouraged enormously and we can see Toree 3D becoming a popular title for speedrunners.

Otherwise, what else could you want? It’s 89p! It’s damn good fun and provides interesting surprised across its concise play time. Cheep!

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