MoroniCast Episode #1: Notes on Talking Northern British

MoroniCast Episode 1

Right, we’re back after MoroniCast #0! For our second podcast, we’re addressing some language issues.

Specifically, how to speak like you’re from Northern England, mate. As it gets a bit complex here. Luckily, we’re your “friendly” guide!

MoroniCast Episode #1: How to Talk Like You’re From Lancashire

The reason for this episode is to address some of the language we use on this blog and our other communications.

We want to clear up proper pronunciations, so you can all go forth into the world and pollute your local dialects with grunts and verbal laziness.

As such, listening to this podcast you’ll discover phrases such as:

  • O’reet?!
  • EH?!
  • Ta!
  • Shurrup!
  • Whereaya? (or just “Rayya?!”)
  • Mate
  • You startin’, mate!? (if you want a fight with someone)
  • Excessive amounts of profanity
  • Mr. Wapojif’s creaky chair

Once you’ve mastered these phrases, we expect you to head out into your local community to baffle friends, family, and colleagues.

Or should you ever visit England, particularly areas such as Manchester, then you’re well equipped to overcome perils like:

  • Engaging in conversation with angry Northerners.
  • Becoming lost and needing to hail a taxi (i.e. Just yell, “EH!?”).
  • Ordering food such as bangers and mash in a pub.
  • Arriving at your hotel, but needing to traverse a small army of chavs outside asking if you’re “Startin'” or not (i.e. Indicate you, indeed, are not startin’).

The other purpose of this podcast is to ensure you’re all spreading the correct use of Northern slang about the place.

Seriously, we don’t want you getting “o’reet” wrong. Okay? It’s important you respect English culture as we’re a precious lot who fly into a rage if so much as you diss the Queen out.

As such, we’d now like to conclude this blog post by playing the national anthem.

Except we’re totally not going to do that, because we think the British national anthem is utterly appalling.


  1. I’ve cancelled my trip to Lancashire, I don’t want to be startin’ somethin’ with y’all! ( Deep South)
    I totally (southern California ) appreciate the vocabulary guide. Bangers and mash means you want to be startin’ up over here (New Joisey).
    Loved the podcast Brenda, oops 😅. Just kidding darlin’ (universal) .

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I sure needed this diction lesson!
    Fun podcast ‘Oron! Like no worries about the BV breath intake. It’s a trademark that you will go far with!
    I missed Mr’ Wapojif’s chair…. somehow!
    Okay, well done! Hear you next Moronicast!

    Liked by 1 person

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