The Name of the Year Awards: Congrats to Mathdaniel Squirrel

Name of the Year 2020 official bracket
Name of the Year 2020 official bracket! Image by Dennis Clark.

It recently came to our attention there’s a Name of the Year Award, with the 2020 winner going to the brilliance of Mathdaniel Squirrel. Now that is a name!

But there are plenty of other names in the world. So, let’s consider them today as we celebrate the very best of them.

Name of the Year 2020

Mr. Squirrel won out over many other competitors in 2020. But there was seriously stiff competition! Check out some of these corkers:

  • Kermit Quisenberry
  • Hannah Moody-Goo
  • Kokain Mothershed
  • Courvoisier Dingle
  • Beanbag Amerika
  • Adonis Expose
  • Bluebell Eikonoklastes
  • Fatjon Cake
  • Zebulon Vermillion
  • Rod McQuality

Mr. Squirrel blitzed through the competition to make it to the final against Courvoisier Dingle. Sadly for the latter, the power of the squirrel won out. There’s always next year!

It was a public vote over Twitter, with Mr. Squirrel claiming 56.8% of the 6,102 votes on May 3rd, 2020.

Mr. Dingle can take serious consolation in the knowledge it was a close fought contest.

Anyway, we soon discovered there are also previous winners of this glorious event. Behold:

  • Shamus Beaglehole
  • Vanilla Dong
  • Taco B.M. Monster

And this got us thinking… why don’t we invent some great names for the people of the world to take advantage of? Here we go!

The Best New Names For 2021

Ages back we did a new baby names post that went down a storm. There are many young ladies out there called Tom Hanks now. All thanks to us!

Plus, we did a thing for new digital agency names. Where would we be in this world without an agency called Dickhead Digital?

As such, we feel we’re mightily qualified to provide some new names for our dear readers. Feel free to use these as you see fit:

  • Splendiferous McBastard
  • Hodge Podge
  • The Mighty Peanut
  • John Sledgehammer
  • Jane Scurvy
  • Mrs. Susan Penelope Scintillator III
  • Fiddlesticks the Destroyer
  • Margarine Thermodynamics
  • Mr. Verisimilitude Ångström
  • Sandwiches McGee

Of course, feel free to make up your own! Add them below in the comments section (if you really have to).

Or just go ahead and change your name via deed poll today, Splendiferous McBastard!


  1. Mathdaniel Squirrel sounds like the name of a squirrel mascot of a math-teaching game, sort of like Number Munchers. Now that was a game. Loaded on all the Apple IIe machines at my grade school along with Oregon Trail. Kids today deserve a classic like Mathdaniel Squirrel.

    However, if I’d known about this contest, I would have gone for Courvoisier Dingle no question.

    Liked by 1 person

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