10 Fantastic Names For New Digital Agencies

A hand pointing doing digital marketing things
“At Dickhead Digital, we know how to point at things.”

Digital agencies are everywhere these days to do everything relating to computers. And one of the best things to do to stand out is perfect a name.

And we’re here to help you with that. Below are a list of names you can use, along with an overview of why it’s the best sort of name for you.

So, it’s time to ideate within the spheres of pipeline thinking and ensure you’re the micro-influencer with synergy you deserve to be.

Dickhead Digital

Dickhead Deirdre‘s agency, this one is based in Bolton of Greater Manchester. It specialises in completing business in as rude a manner as possible.

So, you can’t use this name. But it’s an indication of the type of blue sky thinking you need to succeed in this industry.

Websites for Wankers

All the wankers of the business world will see this and think, “Hmmm… that’s coeval within the spheres of ideation for my synergy.” Right on!

This agency would specialises in making websites for unpleasant people. Nice!

Scumbag SEO

This is search engine optimisation for those who want to do it like a scumbag. For example, wiping competitors from the internet with backlink paying campaigns. Mwahahaha!

Spume Island Digital

Just a nod back to Spume Island here. What a great place it is, too! A fantastic location to start your fledgling agency!

Pitcairn Island Digital

Okay, so a rival here for Spume Island in the form of Pitcairn Island. Seems like a fantabulous place to get your agency-side dreams on the go.

Pandiculation PPC

Pay per click is one of those topics that’ll make you nod off, for sure. Well, yawn and stretch at least—that’s what pandiculation is.

But this is a self-aware agency name that shows you’re a jolly good, big word loving, pretentious old laugh.


This agency likes to insert human skulls into all of its projects. Need a marketing healthcare initiative to showcase to young mothers how to support their whippersnapper?

Skull and crossbones! Plus, death metal thrash music accompanying a YouTube advert, “Love your baby in the way death metal fans love taking heroin!”

Cynical Digital

This pain in the arse agency-side experience will see you come up against crushing pessimism. Throw money at them to see them screw it all up through disillusionment.

Drinkable Digital

With this one, you offer a free glass of chilled champagne to everyone who walks through the door. Then a shot of gin 10 minutes later. And then a brandy etc.

Not much work gets done at this one. Everyone passes out too early. But it’s the though that counts!

Ideating Ideation

If you need to ideate, you head to this one. Because marketing buzzwords are where it’s at. Got a £20,000 budget? You want an agency that can ideate the pants out of it!

And finally…

Miserable Digital

Everything about these folks is pretty world-weary and depressing. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to waste a lot of money, use this lot.

They’ll take your cash and sit there doing nothing about it, bored and depressed.

At the end of a six month project, what’s there to show for your investment? A pie chart with a statement reading, “ROI is gud” on it. Nice!


    • “Ideate” is the digital buzzword of the moment. And it really drives me mad. “Let us ideate on this matter!” Sure thing. As for mission statements, I did some of those a while ago. You can have one – £50, or £100 for four.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think the answer is to change ideate from a verb to a noun. ‘I have an ideate’. ‘Here’s a good ideate’ and so on. Also, the phrase ‘bibblewibble’ needs to be re-defined as ‘brainstorm’. This would transform corporate jargon immeasurably. ‘Here’s a good ideate. Let’s bibblewibble this one’, or ‘our deep-dive bibblewibble gave us a good ideate’, etc.

        Liked by 1 person

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