Berserk Brian’s Big Bouncy Castle Bonanza! [Sponsored Post]

Berserk Brian's Big Bouncy Castle Bonanza

Want more ounce from your bounce!? Well, this week we’ve got Berserk Brian in to get you bouncing higher than ever before!

The Big Bouncy Castle Bonanza is the greatest bouncy castle business in the land! Book today for unlimited thrills (until your session is over and they take the bouncy castle back to the warehouse)!


YES! Bounce! Fun! Yes! Bouncy castles are the most fun you’ll ever have!

Book one of our 30ft by 30ft monsters for a special occasion and we’ll set it all up for you! Yes!

Whatever the event, we’re here to make it extra amazeballs! You name it, we’ll be there:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Funerals
  • Mass executions
  • War zones
  • Political protests
  • Football riots
  • Origami evening classes

Whether Chernobyl has gone into meltdown or you want your lifesaving operation to be more elevated, get us booked and you’ll be hooked!


Berserk Brian has THE BEST range of bouncy castles in the land!

Our themed bouncy castles are made out of the finest PVC and nylon, creating the perfect sheen to make your bouncing dreams come true!

These are the castles we’ve got in stock to make your event spectacular!

  • Cake Castles
  • BDSM Castles
  • Mackerel Castles
  • Brad Pitt Castles (one for the ladies!)
  • Nic Cage Castles (these bleat Nic Cage film quotes with every bounce)
  • Far-Right Castles (for any deranged maniacs wishing to promote their fascist dogma)

Our Mackerel Bouncy Castle is by far the most popular! At 40ft in width, folks of all ages love bouncing all over its fins!

It also comes packing with a fresh mackerel stench as we slather the castle in real fish! Yes!

Even better, at the end of your event all attendees will receive a completely free (as opposed to partially free) tin of mackerels in brine! Holy cow!


This one is for the discerning adult! We have a special inebriated bouncy castle night where everyone gets wasted and lets rip!

These nights of debauchery are famous for their excess and extensive injuries!

Never fear! So long as you have life insurance policies, this evening will be as memorable as your drunken backflip that ends with you landing on your skull!

Berserk Brian’s Health & Safety Disclaimer

Due to the relentless injuries we keep having to deal with, all bouncy castle users must sign an injury waiver before so much as looking at any of our products.

Signing on the dotted line will mean you:

  • Take sole responsibility for your severe injury or death.
  • Acknowledge that your event was excellent fun, right up to and including, and in the aftermath of, a bone shattering accident.
  • Write a glowing 5/5 review on TripAdvisor starting Berserk Brian’s really is the shizz.
  • Remain fully clothed during your revelry.

Book today! It’s summer! It’s hot! And the higher you bounce the cooler it’ll be!


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