Marmite Ale: Lowdown on the Yeast-Based Beer Extravaganza

A can of Camden Town Brewery's Marmite Ale
Marmite ale/beer!

There comes a time in any Marmite enthusiast’s life when one must consume Marmite ale (beer). It’s a truly glorious moment brought to you by Camden Town Brewery.

And Marmite, of course. Because without yeast-based extract, there’d be no Marmite ale. And the world would be a very sad place.

The Glory of Marmite Ale

The rumour mill of a Marmite ale began earlier in 2021, like ghosts whispering on the wind about magnificence on the horizon.

Then the product launched and we couldn’t find the stuff anywhere in Manchester.

Eventually… we located some. As any enthusiast of yeast-based produce will now things like this are worth the wait. And, lo, here it is!

A can of Camden Town Brewery's Marmite Ale in a glass

Just to note, we actually don’t like ale/beer at all. So this was a wild step into the unknown for us. But when Marmite is on enough, we were brave. So very brave.

Taste test? Yeah, it’s like beer with a slight hint of Marmite.

Who’d have thought that, eh? Sort of like a cold Bovril, if you will, minus any lingering aftertaste of beef.

Marmite ale is, simply put, like an ale. With a hint of Marmite. That’s all there is to it! Genius. And with some nifty product packaging.

Marmite Ale’s Epic Packaging

A pack of four Marmite ale

So, yeah, you can get a pack of four if you want. Or buy them individually from a shop (not that we were able to find any of those).

The box art is pretty fitting for the legend that is this product. Behold!

First there was beer, then there was Marmite

That’s magnificent, as you can see, and is a might fine way to pay tribute to this most excellent of food spreads.

All we can add here is you can only get this in the UK right now.

A similar effect may well be achieved by getting a beer and spooning some Marmite into it. Although we can’t guarantee it to be as authentic as the real deal.

So, if you’re outside Blighty and not living on the best planet on Earth, then you’ll probably have to order some in from abroad (as in, here). Bad luck!

But also good luck! You’ll need it for your yeast-based adventures.


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