Retro City Rampage: Lots of Stuff to Retro Shoot

Retro City Rampage
Yes, way back.

Rampage City Rampage is just one of those games where you shoot everything. Good, eh? Kind of like the original Grand Theft Auto.

From Vancouver’s Vblank Entertainment, this actually launched in October 2012. Late getting to this one, eh? Worthy of a rampage.

Kill Everything in Rampage City Rampage

This action-adventure romp is kind of similar to some of the run-and-gun games we’ve covered lately. Like Huntdown. And Metal Slug. And others!

All sorts of ports of this are now available pretty much everywhere, but we gave it a whirl on Steam. However, it even got an MS-DOS release in 2015 you need a floppy disk to run. Fun!

But yeah, plot! The game is set in 1985. You star as a thus for hire and the idea is, after being hired by a henchman, to shoot stuff.

But after you run into a time-traveling phone booth

So yeah, that’s great. And it leads to a traditional GTA type experience where you have to complete missions and go about the place causing havoc.

Whilst the original GTA was kind of above NES style graphics, Retro City Rampage stages itself in the 8-bit style. And it works nicely. Behold!

Yeah, so this is all a lot of good fun. These updated NES concepts take the previously minimalistic nature of Nintendo’s first console and make them more accessible.

That’s due to the introduction of modern gaming sensibilities, which makes playing the things much easier. Playing old NES games is often hard work.

And we have to say Retro City Rampage, for what it is, remains a lot of fun. 10 years old as it is now! An early example of indie games hitting gold.

The game actually began development back in 2002, so this is essentially 20 years old at this point. But the technology wasn’t really there at the time for indie devs to bring their ideas to fruition.

Certainly now Retro City Rampage remains a lot of fun, and it can be retrofitted into any new console, which means the ports continue.

So if you fancy something that’s a little silly, but has a lot of boom-ratta with NES style graphics… yeah. You’re sorted.


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