MoroniCast: Professional Moron’s 10th Anniversary Rampage!

MoroniCast 10th Anniversary Special

Yesterday, we covered the Professional Moron 10th anniversary. In writing. As this is a blog. Today, we’re talking about it.

Why? As it gives us some easy content ideas for this weekend. That simple. So, enjoy!

MoroniCast Episode #8: 10 Years of Nonsense

MoroniCast: Professional Moron's 10th Anniversary Rampage! MoroniCast: The Moronic Podcast

10th anniversary rant!

You can join us in celebrating this special day by doing something really, really moronic. Just one thing. That’s all it takes as a nice gesture.

Whatever you want. Got a husband or wife? Say something really stupid to them. Like, “Did you know Elvis once sequestered a satsuma?”

Whatever works! Otherwise, like we said in the podcast, we’re listing out some of our favourite posts from over the last 10 years. Follow the links to have a gander and all that.

The Very Best of Professional Moron

Yeah, so we’ve split this into two groups. Fun posts and more serious posts. Peruse at your leisure, you filthy swines!

Some of the Best Silly Posts

Silliness and satire are at the heart of the Professional Moron experience and it’s something we’ve developed over the last five years particularly.

Probably most notably in our business advice section, where we like to lampoon business owners and their sense of superiority. See tuna in the workplace.

Wordplay has always been a big part of the experience. For example, there’s our Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scones. We get confused with sayings, you see.

More recently, we really liked our sponsored post about Basket Case Ben’s Bonkers Barbers.

Basket Case Ben's Bonkers Barbers

The sponsored posts are there to give the impression we’ve sold out and all that. But we’ve used the exactly tool Canva to create fun images to go with them.

From ages back, we had a very good response to our are you a baboon or a bassoon post. That’s was a random wordplay one we spun into something else.

We’ve had many inventions, too, and were particularly pleased with the results of the cushIron. It’s a merger of the cushion and an iron. Inventions worked best with ridiculous combinations, we find.

And without doubt the berserk Santa Claus columns have been a real highlight to write. Time-consuming and hard work, but great seeing the positive feedback on those over the years.

But yeah, plenty more of that is on the way.

And we always encourage readers to use the search bar on our site, or check the menu dropdowns, to find all posts and have a tour around. There be fun within.

Some of the Best Serious Posts

Yes, we’ve done some of these over the years! Often in the form of a book review, as some of the topics we’ve covered have had weighty themes.

Covering Simone de Beauvoir’s A Very Easy Death, for example, was a highlight.

It’s odd, perhaps, but we do tend to read really serious literature. Often with existential themes and all that, or with people dealing with struggles.

So, yes, like we mention in the podcast we often cover people overcoming, or losing to, adversity.

And our posts on Leaving Las Vegas and Christine Chubbuck are two of the best there. And we’re pleased to see they still get traffic from people finding them in Google.

Although we generally tend to promote silliness and abandonment of responsibilities for small chunks of times here, yeah, we can also cover some important issues.

The Future of Professional Moron

On a final note, we’ll be continuing with the blog indefinitely really. It’s all too much good fun to stop.

No matter whether some folks want us removed from the face of the Earth, this thing will linger on and on. Like a nasty bout of scurvy.

But we’re also working on adapting the Santa stuff into a book. And seeing where we can get with that later this year.

Groovy, eh? In the meantime, thanks for tuning in and… go away, now!


  1. Congratulations dear ‘Oron!
    You do lots of great posts, especially the silly ones. A guy just needs to laugh sometimes.
    The movie posts and the music posts are always fab. You put so much work into everything.
    I enjoyed the podcast. Your voice is a joy!

    Liked by 1 person

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