Virtual Fishing: Blood Red Virtual Boy Fishing Mediocrity

Virtual Fishing on the Virtual Boy
Fish it!

Fish! In virtual reality, brought to you in blood red on Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. That was the joy of Virtual Fishing back in 1995.

There were a surprising amount of sports games on the console, including Virtual Golf and Mario’s Tennis. But this one was about fishing. And that calls for a fishy celebration!

The Sea is Red in Virtual Fishing

To start things off, here’s a joke:

Q: Why did the two fish have to take it outside?

A: They were about to have a roe.

Good, with that out of the way let’s have a look at this obscure little title on the Virtual Boy.  Locomotive Corporation handled this production, a developer we could find barely any information about.

Although the dev team did also help Nintendo work on its famous StarTopics NES title in 1990.

But this fishing romp was something of a step back from that.

As it’s a basic fishing game. You take part in tournaments with the goal of catching as many fish as possible. The bigger the fish, the better.

Sega Bass Fishing did a similar thing with the concept a few years later.

The difference with Virtual Fishing is this thing was in virtual reality. Apparently. For the Virtual Boy, that meant sticking your eyeballs into uncomfortable eye sockets to take in the headache inducing red and black.

Someone has loaded a longplay video of the game onto YouTube. You can see how basic it is from the video below.

As with Waterworld on the Virtual Boy, the problem posed to the Virtual Fishing’s developer was the colour to make the water.

Either blood red, or as black as Satan’s soul. Sensibly, Locomotive Corporation went with a fancy black hue.

But the wider problem is, especially now by modern standards, the game is very basic in its requirements.

Throw out your line. Reel in the fish.

It all looks very plodding and boring, with the Virtual Boy’s core appeal of the 3D “virtual reality” concept not really working at all.

Even contemporary reviews hailed the title as a mediocre experience. Japan’s legendary Famitsu magazine handed over 19/40.

Virtual Fishing was also a Japan only release, kind of like Innsmouth no Yakata (which, ironically, used fish monsters inspired by H.P. Lovecraft).

We guess you’re better off giving that a go instead of Virtual Fishing.

Anyway, we don’t want to end on a low. As such, here’s another fish joke to send you on your merry way!

Q: How do shellfish get to the hospital?

A: In a clambulance!

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