Nuclear Teapot: Brew Up Some Carnage in Tea-Fest

Nuclear Teapot game by Skinner Space

From the inventor of the epic Brutal Castle comes… Nuclear Teapot! Hell yeah! Skinner Space excels at beefed up concepts and his treatment this time turns to Teaism.

Yeah!! Tea!! Nuclear!! Teapott!! This is on, so let’s turn the kettle on, get our Assam tea bags ready, and brew the hell out of this SOB!

Nuclear Teapot and the Carnage of Brews

Okay, this is a basic high score sort of mobile game. Its pick-up-and-play qualities are more than obvious thanks to its daft high concept premise.

It doesn’t take long to get used to the controls. You’re a floating teapot who has to fill up test tube type things with water, then drop in tea bags.

The game is pretty obscure! No one has even uploaded their efforts of it onto YouTube for us to nab. We did think about doing so… but this nifty video shows everything you need to know.

As you can see, it’s a game of timing, skill, and utmost tea-based perseverance.

Nuclear Teapot has the same sort of crunchy animations as Brutal Castle, which is very much in keeping with Skinner Space’s animation style.

And, sure, the game is daft. But it’s got an addictive quality to it. You have to wipe out the baddies quickly with your tea timing, otherwise a giant pair of gnashing teeth come down to kill you.

That’s exactly what happens in real life if you’re slow with your brew.

The game reminds us of these obscure, bizarre Commodore 64 games like Dancing Monster (1983). Or more recent C64 tributes, such as Moose Life (2020).

At least we appreciate Skinner Space’s pursuit of the bizarre. And as tea aficionados, there was no way we were going to leave this one alone.

Good for short spells of play. Not much else, sure, but if you want to take your vengeance as a nuclear teapot then, truly, Nuclear Teapot is the game for you.


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