20 Hit Singles Ruined by Adding “Bees” to the Title

Hit Singles Ruined by Adding Bees to the Title

Bees not only make honey, they’re also superb topics for hit singles. And that’s what we’re covering here today. Songs ruined by the bees.

Plus, you know… it’s spring! Bees are everywhere again. That indie game Hive Time is fun, try that. Yellow is a great colour. So, it’s all about the those lovable honey insects today as we get all lyrical.

The Best Bee-Based Hits From History

Whether you like The Beetles or The Bees Gees, there are so many fantastic bee bands it mocks a mockery of wasps.

The Bees Gees

A cartoon bee looking happy

The greatest bee-based band in history? The Bees Gees, who wrote so many hit singles about bees it’s almost ludicrous. Almost! But not, of course, because the more songs about these insects the better.

Stingin’ Alive

This epic hit is like to no other! The lyrics to this thing are buzzing:

Well, you can tell by the way I use my wings,
I’m a bee’s bee, no time to buzz,
Music loud and bees buzzing, I’ve been kicked around,
Since I was born.

And now it’s alright, it’s okay,
And you may look the other way,
We can try to understand,
The New York Times’ effect on man.

Whether you’re a honey bee or whether you’re a normal bee,
You’re stingin’ alive, stingin’ alive,
Feel the hive breakin’ and everybody buzzin’,
And we’re stingin’ alive, stingin’ alive,
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stingin’ alive, stingin’ alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stingin’ alive
Oh, when you buzz.

Insightful, isn’t it? Really makes you want to the local disco and strut your funky buzzing.

How Deep is Your Sting?

A cartoon bee looking happy

This melodic love song asks that most pertinent of questions—how deep does that bee sting go into your, causing you to scream like a stupid moron? Lyrics:

And you buzz to me on a summer breeze,
Keep me warm in your honey, then you buzz off,
And it’s me you need to show,
How deep is your sting?

How deep is your sting? How deep is your sting?
I really mean to learn,
‘Cause we’re livin’ in a world of insects,
Stingin’ us down,
When they all should let us bee,
We belong to you and bee.

The Bees Gees had a bizarre infatuation with the honey insect, for sure, but it made them multi-millionaires. So… fair play to them.

Let it Bee

The Beetles were so obsessed with these flying insects the song Let it Bee was written. Listen to it! Superb stuff, although perhaps lacking the sounds of the winged buzzers buzzing away.

Here’s a lyrical recap for you all:

When I find myself in times of trouble, bees come to me,
Buzzing words of wisdom, let it bee.

And in my hour of darkness she is buzzing right in front of me,
Buzzing words of wisdom, let it bee.

Let it bee, let it bee, let it bee, let it bee,
Buzzing words of wisdom, let it bee.

Fantastic stuff! That Lennon/McCartney combo remains unmatchable.

Beehemian Rhapsody

Bit of a stretch, this one, but we flew with the concept anyway. Think it works? No, not really. But we’re leaving it here anyway.

Killer Queen Bee

A cartoon bee looking happyThis one works a lot better, the Queen hit all about insects and honey.

Since U Bee Gone

Rainbow actually covered this song, but it’s the one most people remember. Did you know the song is really about bees!? Well, it is!

Bee It

Michael Jackson’s punchy hit number is, famously, all about bees! Bee It was a smash hit in 1982 and sent sales of honey skyrocketing. Well done, Jackson! We’ll moonwalk to that.

Just Like Honey

A bit of Scottish music here with moody goth ’80s hair from The Jesus and Mary Chain. This song was, famously, included in the excellent Lost in Translation (2003):

Listen to the girl,
As she takes on half the world,
Moving up and so alive,
In her honey dripping beehive,

And, well, cheers lads! You saved us having to come up with anything there.

And finally…

Take a Chance on Bees

A cartoon bee looking happy

ABBA liked to support insects. You had Dancing Queen (also about queen bees), but its best bee-based number is unquestionably Take a Chance on Bees. Lyrics:

If you change your mind, I’m the first in line,
Honey, I’m still free,
Take a chance on bees.

If you need me, let me know, gonna be around,
If you’ve got no place to go, if you’re feeling down,
If you’re all alone when the pretty birds have flown,
Honey, I’m still free,
Take a chance on bees.

Just an important note here, but honey ISN’T free. We guess ABBA got a load for nothing as they’re famous popstars and all that. But the rest of us poor schmucks have to pay for the stuff. For shame!

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