In Praise Of The Andromeda Spiral Galaxy

A thing in space.

You know, many a time have the Professional Moron staff had violent arguments about which is the best galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a good bet, but then we got to thinking about proper space galaxies. And we did our postulating thing to good effect!

Is Andromeda the Best Space Galaxy?

Our very own Mr. Wapojif postulated that it was the Wee Wee Poo Poo Galaxy. We hit him with bricks.

In the end we decided the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy was pretty damn awesome. The evidence for this is on the right.

It kind of looks like the result of someone sneezing up a big mouthful of Iron Bru.

Quite why you’d drink that gross stuff to begin with is beyond us, but it does make for a pretty show.

Of course, being believers in science, we know the galaxy is more likely made up of loads of oranges, thus giving off this orange hue.

We imagine a tyrannical orange overlord, known as King Orange McEvil, throwing about his despotic schemes with wild abandon.

Meantime, the heroic Orange Juice: With Bits fights off the heinous Orange Juice: No Bits in a galactic war the likes of which no one has ever seen.

So, when you head off to bed tonight don’t forget to dream about the poor citizens of the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy.

Let us hope King Orange McEvil meets his comeuppance and the valiant Orange Juice: With Bits becomes supreme ruler of all the universe!


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