In Praise of the Moon

The Moon
It’s the Moon.

You know, we think it was Gustave Flaubert who once said, “Madame Bovary is myself.” This is thoroughly irrelevant to this post, but he also said, “There is no truth. There is only perception.”

And this is somewhat, sort of, applicable to The Moon. It’s always there – hovering.

A Tribute to the Moon

Well, actually, it doesn’t hover, but we’re not going into a physics debates at this time of the evening. Mainly as we don’t know much about physics, but we’re also knackered.

Albert Einstein did, though, (know about physics, although we’re sure he got tired, too) and he once said, “the”, so we’re glad this ties us all together. “What, language?” you ask. Indeed. And the Moon. As we’ve all seen it; even Genghis Khan!

As Mr. Flaubert opined, “I believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings.”

A beautiful sentiment, but thoroughly absurd. Mr. Wapojif would like to postulate, “I believe that if one were to stare for a protracted period of time at the ground, your legs would drop off.” Anyway, enough of this.

Tonight, if the Moon is up, salute it with your fist and shout very loudly, “I love you!” before hopping up and down and braying like a donkey.

This is the official “Moon Dance”. We’re hoping to start off something to displace the thoroughly odious Gangnam Style sensation which has swept over the globe like some vile disease. You can make it happen!

Dispense with some gibberish!

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