Videos To Make Your Sunday Seem Better Than It Actually Is

"You startin'?"
“You startin’?”

Christ… you know, Mr. Wapojif has written an 81,000 word novel and he’s currently prrofreading that. Then you have to factor in his pet Beans the Chinese Dwarf Hamster, then there’s the bathroom which needs cleaning, then I have to deal with the voices in my head, and now I have to write this damn blog. Well, idiots, I’ve had enough. Daily creativity… is… three… dots… at… a… thyme. Yeah, you’re getting a video post. Why? As I’m busy. Novels don’t right themselfs.

Anyway, see how the picture messes up the post? Good. We’re all about self improvement here at Professional Moron, so we’ve gone and done another video of stuff. Er, clips. Yeah, the clips you is about to see represent a number of contemporary issues, such as…. stuff. No, no, it’s more important than stuff. Who is Mr Wapojif kidding? It’s just a collection of things from his brain. Enjoy it.


Vivaldi’s take on La Follia is the best.

Pete Townshend talks about his tinnitus. Now this is a personal issue as I’ve had it since… 1999, or something. It’s not handy, but it is a reality check.

Pete Townshend’s genius shining through. Incidentally, Keith Moon couldn’t remember a thing about this recording. He accused Townshend of employing another dummer.

Da. This is Dexy’s Midnight Runners (Come On Eileen) attempt to break free from their “Single Band” status. Brilliant. Unfortunately, the world didn’t agree, and the lack of sales saw them fold in 1985. Happily, they’re back in 2013.

This guy…. he’s famous.

Jimi Hendrix (famously humble) doing his thing. The BBC decided to kick him off the air.

Now, if you have a spare hour here’s the stunning story of Tetris. You think it’s just about fitting blocks things together? Wrong! Remember, this game flourished just after the devastation of the Chernobyl Disaster. And then Robert Maxwell got involved. Bugger.

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