Behold The Four’N Twenty Pizza!

Pizza Hut
The Four’N Twenty pie pizza majigger. Cripes!

Australians do pizza properly. The monstrosity you see above is a pizza, but it’s also a sort of pie. Eight pies, to be precise! It’s the brainchild of the Australian Pizza Hut and was widely covered in the media the other day. Why? Look at the bloody thing!

It’s a “stuffed crust” pizza with a difference. Stuffed crusts became popular a while ago (they were the revolutionary moment in pizza making – kind of like when the wheel was invented) when it was discovered you could get more cheese into a pizza.

Pizza Hut has done what’s natural – take things up a notch! Thusly we have a pizza with pies stuffed into the crust. It’s a meat pie, by the way, and it marks a real turning point for pizzas. Ish. As it turns out you sort of dismantle the pies from the pizza and eat them separately. So it’s effectively a pizza and some pies, but on an aesthetic front, at least, it looks like the deformed offspring of an octopus and a fast food outlet. Huzzah!

Well, you can order one from the Australian Pizza Hut if you so wish. We’d advise you live in Australia before doing this, but if you do already then let us know how it goes!


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