A Brief History of the Immense Banana Sandwich

Banana Sandwich
The banana. The second central ingredient to the Banana Sandwich.

Bananas aren’t the most likely candidate for sandwich material. They’re essentially sandwiches, cased as they are within the confines of the inedible banana peel.

But the idea of taking the contents of the banana and making turning it into a standalone sandwich… why, that’s almost as bizarre as ham and jam sandwiches.

Bananas recently hit the news again when the Minions (from the Despicable Me series) began raving about them.

That’s all very well and good and cool, but the fact is the banana sandwich preceded the Minions by some several hundred years.

Indeed, when the sandwich was first made (was back in antiquity, we’re guessing), banana was (probably) one of the first toppings olden days folk decided upon. Indeed.


Okay, before we go any further we’re covering a bit of recipe here. It all looks super tasty, but it’s not the healthiest thing ever.

But who cares? Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, eh? And look at that thing! Thanks to totikky tikky for the recipe there.

We can go one further and suggest the cauliflower cake if you want to impress friends, family, and whoever passes your home.

Banana Sandwich?!

It may seem like an unnecessarily carbohydrate heavy hit, but sometimes one has to take the fall for the onset of weight gain.

Whilst the recipe may sound a bit weird, we all have to agree the banana sandwich is mighty tasty.

Perhaps it’s the sugary goodness of the banana. Maybe it’s the sugary, and salty, badness of the bread.

Perhaps it’s the fact we live in a city and are constantly out of our minds on the petrol fumes we breathe in. Whatever—the banana sandwich is a delicacy which we wish to promote.

There is a certain satisfaction in combining ingredients together and getting the result. Banana and bread doesn’t seem like a good fit.

It’d be like Lennon and Bieber as a song writing duo, or Laurel and Tom Hardy as a comedy team. It just isn’t happening, eh?

Ultimately, we don’t know who invented this food, but we do know it wasn’t aliens from outer space!

Perfecting Perfection?

How can one make the banana sandwich more interesting? Well, there are many ingredients which can spice anything up.

Spice, for a start! Other foods, such as raw onions, raw garlic, and raw chicken would really take things to a new level. Marmite? Sure, why not? A dangerous one!

There is the old adage, “If it is not broken, do no attempt to fix it”.

But sometimes in life one must take the banana by the top bit and shred it of its flesh to make one of the more peculiar sandwiches in the world. We’ll consume a banana to that!


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