Miitomo: Nintendo’s First App is Bloody Wonderfully Mental!

Miitomo Mr. Wapojif
Yes! It’s exactly how Mr. Wapojif looks!

Yesterday Nintendo entered unprecedented waters – it released one of its games on a product other than a Nintendo one.

As in, it’s not on a Nintendo games console—it’s on an iPhone. This has never happened before, but to reach a wider audience the Japanese gaming legend has decided this is a brilliant step in the right direction.


Is it? Whilst Nintendo purists such as ourselves desired a Nintendo game of some sort, the company essentially launched an interactive social media platform based around its famous Mii characters.

Not being 15 anymore, we now adopt a “don’t knock it until we’ve tried it!” approach. Plus, it’s Nintendo.

It’s been releasing outstandingly high-quality products for 35 years! Thusly, with the launch of Miitomo, we needed little encouragement to download the app (it’s free) and got stuck in.

Right. The “Mii” bit comes from the personalised characters you make, as a player, for your Nintendo games console: the Wii, Wii U, or 3DS.

As this is on an Apple device, you’re making a Mii which “represents” you… or otherwise. Whatever, the idea for the app is to be sociable.

Well, why not? It’s a sociable era, with more social media formats than grains of sand on any English “beach”.

Typically for Nintendo, the company has innovated with the concept to create  a fun filled opportunity to behave in a preposterously silly and surreal way. Huzzah!

Design Your Miitomo

Miitomo design
Getting stuck in to Miitomo. The signal is a bit weak in the old Professional Moron premises there… we should have words!

Firstly, one must download the app (again, it’s free – there have been three million downloads already!) and create your Mii.

This is probably the most hilarious time any one of us has had of it lately, designing our Mii. It’s bloody bonkers, mate, with all sorts of weird options to turn you into a freak of nature.

Mr. Wapojif went all out for the weird factor and, boy, did he achieve it!

With a voice which is like a high-pitched, flamboyant version of Tom Hardy’s Bane from the (massively disappointing) Dark Knight Rises trilogy closer, Mr. Wapojif looks like a oversized moron. Truly glorious!

Set Your Personality

Miitomo app
Hot damn, Mr. Wapojif is having a laugh.

Are you a morose misanthrope who just wants to take to the world’s online comments sections to spread your miserable, anachronistic views?

Great news! You can hide these raging foibles with ease via the Miitomo app!

Set your personality (which determines how your Mii will behave in Miitomo—basically, you can be extremely camp or just slightly less camp) and you’re almost ready for the fun to begin.

Even though you’ll have already no doubt have laughed yourself stupid anyway.

Frolic in a Digital Landscape!

Miitomo questions
Shut up, Mr. Wapojif…

Central to the app is interacting with your friends. Nintendo has suggested it’s a great way to get to know the people you love (or at least moderately like or appreciate) more.

In reality, we all know the app exists to create a deranged alter-ego and prance about answering questions such as “What is your favourite food?” with stuff like “semtex sandwiches!!!” Yes, it’s a truly hilarious experience.

Feel free to add us if you download the app – you can find our details on our Twitter account. Mr.Wapojif (that’s without a space after Mr.) is whom you’re looking for.

Be prepared for a shock when you finally come across him.

It’s not a pretty sight nor sound. Also, don’t expect any rational sorts of conversations with him—he only deals with the absurd and bizarre. Enjoy!


  1. It sounded interesting until “pick an outfit” I didn’t see even 1 gown! What’s with that?
    You know, I never realized how huge Mr. Wapojif’s teeth are.


    • You can choose from a mixture of clothes later in the app. Including dresses and gowns. Probably dressing gowns, too. Do you design dressing gowns? Resa’s Dressing Gown Emporium – that’d be a great shop.


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