Pukka’s Three Ginger Tea: Whoa! It Packs a Mighty Punch!

Pukka Three Ginger Tea
Blimey! Why have one type of ginger when you can have three?!

We were supposed to cover Pukka’s Three Ginger during our Tea Week but didn’t have any of the stuff in. Now we do have some in (by “in” we mean in our office sitting on our tea shelf being cool) and it’s time to let the world know what it’s missing out on. Sorted, mate.

First off , what’s with the whole “three” ginger? Surely there’s only one type of ginger, right? Apparently not, for here be ginger root, galangal root, and turmeric root. Groovy. Okay, we must admit, we didn’t realise turmeric belonged to the ginger family until researching this herbal tea piece today, but there you go. Who’d have thought it, eh? All those curry dishes emboldened by a touch of ginger! It’s curry tea in a cup. Magic.

Pukka! It’s Three Ginger Tea

Pukka ginger tea bag
The Three Ginger tea bag. My word, it’s ginger!

The whole teaism philosophy thing we ranted about (well, not so much ranted about but created a cult-like diatribe in our the Book of Tea review) during our Tea Week – this is what we’re on about, see? This is the one, right here (other than the truly inspiring Assam Tea with Vanilla) which could cause a health revolution.

As tastes go, it’s fairly sensational. The thing about ginger is it’s genuinely awesome. You can eat it with sushi, as an ice cream flavour, in your coffee, and probably even on your bloody cornflakes if you so wished. Versatility is ginger’s middle name, and as it doesn’t have a surname this means it’s really called: gin-versatility-ger. This looks stupid, so ginger doesn’t showcase its middle moniker to the watching world.

Boy, does the world watch! Ginger is the world’s most popular spice, apparently, and why not? It’s better than black pepper (we went there) and it’s a country mile ahead of the likes of white pepper. Full offence meant to the world of white pepper there – you guys don’t cut it!

Taste Test!

Right, so what does this tea taste like? It tastes like a million pungent rainbows in a bowl, sir (or madam)! It’s warming, nourishing, and resplendent in all its glory. This may seem somewhat flamboyant, but one glass of this stuff and you’ll be hooked for life. Aiiiie!

Over at Pukka, a box of this stuff will set you back about £3. In our feeble human brains, such an amount may seem vastly unconquerable but, what ho, you paid about £10k for that stupid car of yours which makes you fat, lazy, and unwell, and this is significantly cheaper! So, turn to tea to power your brain. Indeed.

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