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Moonshake Books
It’s a more serious version of us, which is a terrifying prospect, right?

Today we’re committing the cardinal sin of self-promotion as we’ve got a new blog out and we’re bloody proud of it! Moonshake Books has come about due to our weekly Book of da Week feature we’ve run since December 2014 – we’ve reviewed 79 of them since then!

We started with Down and Out in Paris and London in a pretty crap review of one of our favourite pieces of writing. Thusly, our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif, has been ruminating over the last few months over whether to start a new site which would let him correct earlier poor reviews with serious gusto. This is the result!

Moonshake Books

George Orwell - Down and Out in Paris and London
Our first review!

Like despotic maniacs, we’ve been trying out lengthier book reviews to gauge the reaction, which convinced us to set it all up. Basically, Moonshake Books is a site where you go to read pedantic 3,000+ word reviews of pretty damn awesome books you should be reading.

We’ll be posting two or three big old posts a month, so it’s a leisurely thing which allows Mr. Wapojif to develop his ideas whilst he works on his numerous projects (all of them geared towards World Domination).

Fittingly, the first in-depth review is of Down and Out in Paris and London, a truly glorious piece of writing and the one book Mr. Wapojif would hand to non-literature fans to try and sway them to the evil world of introspection.

But… but… Book of da Week!!!

Never fear, pathetic wastrel, our moderately popular Book of Da Week feature will continue but, possibly, without the same consistency as once it did before. This means we get to try out more stupid ideas here which, ultimately, will keep you uneducated and more likely to guffaw at our moronic ranting.

Anyway, with 365 days a year to think of bizarre stuff to write about on Professional Moron, this post allows us a rare day off to promote ourselves. We’re really fabulous, aren’t we? Gosh, we should win an Oscar. Have a groovy weekend, everyone!


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