Great Sayings Revisited: Home is where the go-kart is

Home is where the go-kart is

As you might have noticed, we have a thing for weird sayings and extrapolating their limitless potential (unless they don’t have limitless potential, then we just point out how dumb they are). Today is an odd one as we like go-karts, but think this saying is as dumb as you are.

“Home is where the go-kart is!”, some folks profoundly attempt to espouse. Well, gee, isn’t that swell? Not being racing drivers, though, we don’t have a go-kart lying around; not in our home, our shed, our swimming pool, or in our secret bunker where we store the bodies. Don’t mention that to anyone, though. It’s our ikkle secret hahaHAHAHAHAH!

Home is Where the Go-Kart Is

We suppose if you’re an F1 driver, or something else where home is, indeed, where the go-kart is. You’re rich, you can afford a few of them. However, there are only, like, 22 F1 drivers on a planet of 7+ billion human beings, so the ratio of those likely to have a go-kart at home is pretty bloody slim as the rest of us are poor. So why do people use this stupid saying, then?!

Stupidity, we guess. It’s like with “YOLO” and all that jazz – it’s annoying, but people cling to it as they think it makes them sound smart. Of course, not owning a go-kart in their home, it just makes them look rather stupid… except, of course, if they have a copy of Mario Kart. This transforms the situation as, indeed, home IS where the go-karts are! They’re just trapped inside your TV.

Many people won’t play Mario Kart, though, even if the Wii version from 2008 did shift 50 million copies. This means there are still, like, way over 6 billion people out there who don’t have a copy of Mario Kart so, thusly, home isn’t where the go-kart is at all. Homes usually contain other things, such as groceries.


Truly! However, don’t be put off by this go-kart related disappointment. The home is an ideal location for other activities and products, such as an enormous television, a pet woof dog, a big cupboard which wobbles slightly, shelves for food, shelves for books, shelves for dust collection, and perhaps even a go-kart!

Oh man, we went and committed the sin we’ve been banging on about here! So, as you can see, clearly many of us do have our eyes set on this incredible phenomena. We can’t blame them – go-karts are a lot of fun. Just don’t go racing up and down your stairs in them, it’ll irritate your neighbours.

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