Vivera Veggie Steak: A Tasty Vegan Thing From Holland

Vivera Veggie Steak
Erm, it normally does have English copy on it.

After our Beyond Burger experience recently, we thought we’d champion Dutch company Vivera as well. They should enjoy some of the vegan limelight, as this thing is mega tasty.

Vivera’s Steak

Okay, so we’ve enjoyed these things for a considerable amount of time now. Along with Quorn, they’re the most readily available majiggers in England.

And they’re easy to cook—fry them or whatnot for a good old eight minutes or so. Then it’s all shipshape!

The thing with Vivera is we prefer this to the Beyond Burger. We’ll give the latter another go whenever we have a spare fiver, but this veggie steak is very bloody tasy.

What, exactly, then, as in, what, is in a plant-based steak or burger? Burgers normally consist of other stuff, but these ones have the following:

  • Rehydrated soya and wheat protein (81% – nice!).
  • Coconut oil (groovy).
  • Sunflower oil (okay).
  • Thickener (good).
  • Natural flavourings (excellence).
  • Colours (blue better be in there!).
  • Vegetable fibres (okay).
  • Wheat starch (good).
  • Maltodextrin (erm… hell yeah!).
  • Sea salt (better than no salt!).
  • Potato protein (this is great, because we love protein).
  • Herbs and spices (such as?).

We got bored of writing out the contents at this point. But the recommendation is to keep this thing stored in a fridge.

We defied this order and kept it out in the baking sun. Our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif, ate it anyway. He has a nice glow.

The company has been around since 1990, but is now benefitting from the vegan craze of late. Because climate change is fake news leftists make. Stupid lefties.

Going Vegan?

What’s the purpose these vegan burgers, then? Well, mass farming is not only cruel to so many animals it also contributes enormously to climate change.

Businesses have sprung up to challenge that with a vegan approach. This includes Greggs, a notorious meat-happy company in England.

As this is now proving financially lucrative, most foodstuff businesses are happy to jump onboard and balance out the situation with their non-vegan fanbase.

A lot of this is great news as vegan products tend to be healthier for folks.

But on a day when there was a global climate crisis march, with a disturbing future for humanity if big business capitalism isn’t controlled, we should be wary.

The main push for these businesses is more money.

One of the main problems is the lingering idea that success is wealth. And that we should be allowed to earn as much as our “success” deserves.

George Monbiot yesterday explained in For the sake of life on Earth, we must put a limit on wealth.

Rich folks tend to hate the idea, but a step back is needed. Embrace vegan. Enjoy minimalism. Wealth doesn’t equal anything now the future is in doubt.


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