Star Wars: “It’s a trap!” Quote Off Extravaganza!

The Star Wars character posing on an Empire Strikes Back poster

Admiral Ackbar is an amphibious military dude in the Star Wars films. Although he only has a handful of lines from The Return of the Jedi and whatnot, he remains a fan favourite.

Probably because he’s so goddamn hot! But being a crustacean thing he often struggled with the human language, leading to errors of diction. Here are some of his best moments!

It’s a trap!

The original in all its glory. Thought experiment: if there’s a trap but there’s no one there to get caught out by it, is it still a trap? Over to you, Admiral Ackbar.

It’s a trip!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

As in a holiday? A holiday to the Death Star? Doesn’t sound overly enjoyable, Admiral Ackbar, perhaps heighten your concepts of what a vacation should be.

It’s a twat!

The Death Star

Very possibly, yes, if you’re referring to Darth Vader. He really is a bit of an arse.

It’s a kneecap!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

No it isn’t, Admiral, it’s the Death Star. Easily confused, we agree, but you shouldn’t have your status if you can’t tell the difference between a destructive moon-sized space station and a kneecap.

It’s a slap!

The Death Star

To the face? We guess so, you really should have seen that one coming from a mile off. Just as well you have the colossal expanse of space to go off and hide in, eh?

Time for a catnap!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

Seriously, Admiral, a space battle isn’t the time for you to clear off and have a bit of a sleep. Professional standards, mate, do a course!

It’s a mishap!

The Death Star

True, a bit of a blunderous one, too! Oh well, a bit of peril never did anyone any harm, did it? Except for anyone blown to smithereens in a spaceship inferno.

It’s a Jap!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

Jesus, mate, you’re getting a bit racist there. Calm it down or you’ll face an employment tribunal. That’s if you survive the space battle. Up your game, Admiral Ackbar!

It’s a crab!

The Death Star

No, it’s the Death Star. We understand as a type of giant lobster thing you may have a natural hatred of crabs, but we assure you there are none in deep space. Probably.

It’s a tab!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

Uh oh, have you been wracking up expenses on some international bars, Admiral? Well, time to pay that off, mate. Can’t scuttle your way out of this one, fish face.

It’s flab!

The Death Star

Admiral Ackbar, an impending space battle is not the time to be worrying about your weight gain. Lose weight later, should you survive Darth Vader.

It’s an trap!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

Don’t start with the determiner battle at such a moment, you fool, concentrate on staying alive!

It’s an ambush!

The Death Star

Just an idea, why not go for that one? Trap, yeah sure it’s punchier. But we think “ambush” has more emotive impact. Plus, you get to use your precious determiner with this one.

It’s a ambush!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

Or not, you could totally screw this line up as well if that’s your prerogative as a space military lobster.

It’s subterfuge!

The Death Star

Not as catchy, we suppose, plus some of the less intelligent crew members would waste valuable seconds trying to work out what that means.

It’s a frappé!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

Really, we have to question this guy’s professional standards if he’s busy thinking about coffee during a crucial survival moment.

It’s a tent flap!

The Death Star

This is what happens when you put lunatics in charge.

And finally…

It’s a wrap!

Admiral Ackbar saying - It's a trap

Sensing the end of the original Star Wars trilogy, Admiral Ackbar gets in theatrical mode to wrap everything up nicely. Except that breaks the fourth wall, you stupid amphibious thing!


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