20 Hit ‘80s Singles Ruined by Adding “Discombobulate” Into the Title

People dancing to 1980s hit singles
Yeah! ’80s!

After our piece remembering Toto this week, we’re in an ‘80s type of mood. So, we had a look back at some hit singles to ruin the decade with the use of a stupid word.

Discombobulate It

Eighties things

Michael Jackson’s smash hit has a sharp beat to proceedings. Almost as if he should have called the song Beat It, or something. Oh well. We all miss opportunities.

I Wanna Discombobulate With Somebody

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

Whitney Houston makes it pretty clear in this love song what she’s after.

Discombobulating in the Dark

Eighties things

Bruce Springsteen knows a thing or two about discombobulation. But his preference is to wait until the sun goes down.

Everybody Wants to Discombobulate the World

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

Tears for Fears this time out with one of the ‘80s big sax solos.

Discombobulatin’ on a Prayer

Eighties things

Whooooah!! Bon Jovi and his massive hair!! This song is so upbeat even an unconscious drunk would have their toe-tapping to it.

The Power of Discombobulation

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

Yes, that smash hit by Huey Lewis & The News. Nothing more to add here.

Don’t You (Discombobulate Me)

Eighties things

Simple Minds here with that track you all know from The Breakfast Club. Pretty clear message in this song title. Nothing more to add here, either.

Discombobulate All Night Long

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

Lionel Richie has great hair and a great voice and is great at everything. Especially doing stuff all night long. All night long.

Should I Stay or Should I Discombobulate

Eighties things

The Clash was a good old post-punk band that had big hit singles—this was the biggest of the lot in the ‘80s. They decided to stay.

Come On Discombobulation

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

Yes, Dexy’s Midnight Runners knew a thing or two about smash hit singles. This one features a banjo. Hell yeah!

What’s Discombobulation Got To Do With It?

Eighties things

Tina Turner here singing about the obvious things in life. And we agree with her entirely. What the hell has it got to do with it? Whatever “it” is. Cheese? Space travel? Wasps?

I Think We’re Discombobulating Now

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

How does one know when one is going through this issue? Listen to this smash hit by Tiffany. Then you’ll know. End of.

Discombobulation After Discombobulation

Eighties things

So, Cyndi Lauper may not be able to write the catchiest of song titles. But the song was a crowd-pleaser all the same.

Girls Just Want To Discombobulate

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

Another Cyndi Lauper hit—from 1983. Her high-pitched singing aside, this is a powerful message about girls just wanting to disconcert or confuse (someone). Those crazy human females!

Total Discombobulation of the Heart

Eighties things

This weepy little number from Bonnie Tyler sure gets us every single time.

I Just Called To Say I Discombobulated

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

Ah yes, thanks for that Stevie Wonder. That’s sweet of you, but keep it to yourself next time. No need to turn it into a hit international single. Somethings are just best kept private.

Stand and Discombobulate

Eighties things

Do you remember Adam and the Ants? We remember Adam and the Ants. Your money or your life?

Discombobulating For You

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

This nauseating mess from Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan still makes us want to vomit.

Wake Me Up Before You Discombobulate-Discombobulate

Eighties things

What could have been a catchy little number for Wham! Ended up as the above. Despite the record company’s best efforts, George Michael steadfastly refused to adopt anything more catchy. Oh well.

And finally…

Don’t Discombobulate So Close To Me

Cassette tape from the eighties-min

The Police was a band. Sting isn’t a bumble bee. And he doesn’t like people doing stuff close to him. Moody git.


  1. I remember Adam and the Ants. Well, when I say I remember them, I have some vague recollection of a strangely surreal music video he created starring Caroline Munro. Talented guy: Mr and Mrs Ant must be quite proud of him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had a 1998 phase for them when I was 14. Just lots of pounding drums and ’80s getup. Kind of fun, really. Caroline Munro? I think you mean Colonel Monro from The Last of the Mohicans.


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