How to Juggle Three Clubs: Your Guide to Juggling Fun

Three different coloured juggling clubs
BEARD Flying Circus’ epic clubs.

Right, in the past we brought you how to juggle (three balls). Now it’s time to take a look at juggling clubs and why it’s easier than you think.

Seriously, with a few days practice you’d have this nailed. And it’s a fun activity that helps your brain and provides lowkey exercise. What’s not to like?

Juggling With Three Clubs—Guide

Back in late 2006, we bought three juggling clubs from a novelty store in Nottingham’s Lace Market. All these years later, the things are still intact.

In the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, juggling was (and still is) a nifty companion.

So, feeling happy about it, we posted the above video to Instagram. Juggling is part showing off, but it’s also an activity most of us can do after a bit of practice.

You can get the clubs at a pretty decent price. We got ours for £30 from the BEARD Flying Circus. And 15+ years later they’re almost as good as new.

They’re robust! But it’s still best to get a beginner’s pair early on. As you’ll drop them a lot in the early stages of practicing.

Here’s a little breakdown of how to bloody well go about it.

Perfecting the Cascade

Super skilled Taylor Glenn here can help you with the basics, but there’s really a three steps we demand you focus on.

It’s called the “cascade” and is about the arc the club will take from one arm to the next.

  1. Get used to arcing one club from one hand to the next. This is a casual, looping throw that’ll get you adjusted to the feel of the club.
  2. Build the second club into your process, arcing one club from one hand to another. This is very easy, so don’t crap yourself just yet.
  3. There’s a moment in time where both clubs are arcing through the air. You have a moment to arc the third and final club over, too, so practice getting your timing right.

Easier said than done, right?

Yeah! Well, we always find learning now tricks a visual thing. It’s better to study people juggling than read about it.

To help you there is groovy dude Niels Duinker, a professional juggler who in 2009 won a gold medal at the Taiwan Circus Festival.

As with many things in life, it’s all about practice. And you’ll need to set yourself 10-20 minutes a day to get the basics nailed down.

You’ll drop the clubs a lot to begin with, of course, but with perseverance you can have the skill down in a matter of days.

It’s really not something mega impossible that only a few people can do.

That’s the joy of juggling. It’s available for almost everyone and is, without doubt, something we should all do!

It’s damn good fun. And a lot of scientific studies suggest just 60 seconds a day of juggling can be astonishingly good for your mental health.

It’s very good for hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and concentration.

Plus, it’s just great for stress relief. Having a dodgy day? Thrash out some juggling! With clubs or balls. Whatever floats your boat.

Learning Tricks With Three Clubs

Taylor Glenn is really fantastic as a juggler and juggling coach, so we can recommend following her YouTube channel.

As there are plenty of nifty tricks to learn once you have the basic cascade nailed.

You’ll need more of an open space with any tricks you’re planning, so if you’re in a flat maybe save trick learning for ball (lol).

But the more tricks you can learn, such as with double spins, under arms, reverse cascades, and all that jazz. Mr. Duinker to the rescue again.

A lot of the tricks you learn with three balls you can transfer over to your three clubs, you’ll just need to adjust to the weight differential.

And our advice is to watch their movements! Study them careful. Get a mental image for how the trick works.

Then you’re all set to impress your friends, family, and get your bloody kids juggling and all that. Go on, get to it! Bravo.


  1. As someone with poor coordination, I think there should have been a previous post teaching how to “juggle” one club without it having it come down on your head and sending you straight to the hospital. And then, of course, one for two clubs as well.

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