Bread Sauce: Do You Want Some MORE Bread With That, Mate?

Bread sauce
Bready! Thanks to the BBC for the image.

Sometimes you need a sauce. And so you turn to Worcestershire sauce and/or gravy. But sometimes you just need a little more saucy.

And that’s where bread sauce comes in. Enter centre stage, bready! Congratulations, you’re right up here and now’s your time to shine!

What’s Bread Sauce?

It’s a warm or cold sauce that consists of milk with bread. This heady mix can be thickened with bread crumbs (if that’s your type of thing).

In basic form, you need some milk, onion, and breadcrumbs with butter. You can add some spices in as well to make it all the more homely.

It’s not a dish we’ve had regularly, we must say, but it does have the sort of wholesome quality that puts a spring in your step.

What’s the History of Bread Sauce?

During the crazy days of Medieval times, bread-thickened sauces were the norm. Just because.

As such, if there was going to be one survivor from that period… it was always going to be the eponymous one. For sure.

Some chefs chuck the fat from roast meat into the sauce, if that’s your thing.

But on the whole, the dish likely came about from cooks looking to do something (anything) with leftover bread that needed using pronto.

So, why not get a sauce together? Culinary creativity, you see.

How Do You Make Bread Sauce?

Here’s Gill Miller to tell you what you need to make your sauce bread-based.

There’s a bit more to it than just whisking milk and flour together, you need to aim for something along the lines of:

1 large onion
6 cloves
1 bay leaf
6 black peppercorns
1 pint of milk
110g of fresh white breadcrumbs
40g butter
Salt and ground black pepper

So yeah, follow the instructions above and before you know it you’ve got yourself something that’s bready to eat. Yeah?


  1. What? What about bread pudding?
    I suppose one could make a sweet bread sauce and pour it over bread pudding.
    It all seems a bit milky and bready, though, not a vegan thing. NOW soy milk bread sauce, there’s a winner!

    Liked by 1 person

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