Mad Maureen’s Magnificent Mud Museum [Sponsored Post]

Mad Maureen's Magnificent Mud Museum
Celebrating the excellence of mud.

Come on down to Mad Maureen’s Magnificent Mud Museum! If you like mud, this is the place to be! We’ve got tonnes of the stuff!

Like mud sculpting? Like the very best in muddy art? Want to master your pottery skills (with mud)? This is the family extravaganza you need to visit! It’s mudtastic!

Mad Maureen’s: The Muddy Day Out You’ll Never Forget!

You’ll find us in a massive muddy field, just off the M1 motorway, right outside Leeds!

Upon arrival at the Mud Museum, you and your family will be pelted with mud by Mad Maureen herself!

That’s right, our brilliant and welcoming (most of the time) founder loves mud so much she lives in a ditch of the stuff just opposite the premises!

And she greets each and every customer with:

  • Wild and hysterical shrieks of, “GET OFF MY PROPERTY!”
  • Pelting you with mud.
  • Rugby tackling you to the ground.
  • More wild and hysterical shrieking.

Don’t be dismayed by this animalistic mania. Mad Maureen is deeply passionate about mud, her museum, and her visitors!

She simply demonstrates this in a manner most people will classify as extreme hostility. For Mad Maureen, it’s just part of her job!

What’s On: The Mud Museum’s 2022 Schedule

We have an exciting calendar for 2022 that’s packed out with soft, sticky matter that results from the mixing of earth and water.

Events will vary by calendar month, but some of the highlights include:

  • Film: Regular showings of the 2012 cinematic triumph Mud starring Matthew McConaughey.
  • Theatre: Dramatic performances of popular stage plays, adapted to include mud in one form or another.
  • Art: A showroom showcasing the very best mud-based pieces.
  • Antiques: A showroom displaying some of the world’s finest mud-based objects.
  • Guest speakers: Regular guest speaker events. Mud experts/enthusiasts from around the world will hold talks and open discussions about the future of mud and its place in society.
    • Guest speakers booked so far include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Burt Bacharach, Tom Jones, and Helen Mirren.
  • Interpretive dance: Open dance classes outside the museum in the big field by the M1. Please bring wellingtons.
  • Mud fights: Great fun for all the family! Get your mitts dirty on the big field with staged battles of up to 300 people simultaneously!
  • Poetry readings: Beard stroking encouraged as some of the world’s best verse writers share their latest creations. About mud.

And much, much, much, mud, more! The mud’s the limit for our 2022 schedule and we want you to be a part of it!

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