Psycho Ken’s Cooking Oil Recovery Team [Sponsored Post]

Psycho Ken's Cooking Oil Recovery Team
Now with added psycho.

Welcome to Psycho Ken’s, the world’s BEST cooking oil recovery team!

Whenever you cook with cooking oil to make deep fried mars bars or scotch eggs, our team is ALWAYS on hand to recover said oil through any means necessary. Yes, even through cold blooded murder!

So, give us a ring today and we’ll hurtle on down to your establishment to save the oil, save the planet, and maybe spare your life. All for DISCOUNT rates!

Cooking? We’ll Recover Your Oil

Did you know that when your establishment cooks oil it can be recycled? For sustainability, this is a glorious hallmark of continuation excellence.

And Psycho Ken’s Cooking Oil Recovery Team are experts!

Just give us a ring and a team of 30 will arrive within the hour decked out in full hazmat suits, ready to suck all the used cooking oil off your premises with vacuum cleaners.

We’ll cordon off a half mile exclusion zone around your restaurant to ensure public safety.

And our CEO, Psycho Ken, will mercilessly attack anyone who dares venture beyond the zone! Seriously, he’ll hack them to bits with an axe. He’s a psychopath, what do you expect?

What Does Psycho Ken’s Do With The Recycled Cooking Oil?

Most cooking oil recovery teams heat, clean, and filter the substance and use it as a source of renewable energy.

Not at Psycho Ken’s. We’re innovators. Trailblazers. We push the boundaries of business and have created a side hustle that benefits all of society.

Yes, that’s right. We syphon it all into Psycho Ken’s Leisure Centre Ltd. and pump it out into our 30ft by 40ft swimming pool!

Local residents just LOVE splishing, splashing, and sploshing in the malodorous gunk. And only 13 people have drowned in the last six months!

Psycho Ken’s Certified Psychopathic Pledge

Psycho Ken is a certified lunatic, but he has the public’s best interests at heart.

He’s pledged to do some really, really, really psychotic things if you don’t recycle your cooking oil! Here are just a few of his berserk promises:

  • Start a war with the Himalayas mountain range.
  • Grow a monobrow.
  • Train hamsters to nip random strangers.
  • Invent cheese flavoured mouthwash.

It’s highly recommended you complete your business dealings with Psycho Ken by spending as much money as possible.

The last thing we need is a war with an entire Asian mountain range.

So, get your cooking oil recycled today!

Then why not visit Psycho Ken’s Leisure Centre Ltd. for a refreshing swim in the cooking oil you were using to fry fish & chips mere hours earlier!?

You’d be an utterly psychotic, oily bastard to turn down the offer!


  1. I’m very possessive of my cooking oil. It’s great for the skin and esp sunning beside the pool. I also keep a rain barrel full when I feel like a complete oil based shower. I’m very slippery but a drawback I can live with.

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