Hobnob Biscuit: Iconic Jumbo Oats Biscuit For Tough People

McVitie's Hobnob biscuits original pack

With its hilarious name packed with double entendres, Scotland’s hobnob biscuit is the stuff of snack-based legend.

From snack legend McVitie’s, this thing is up there with digestive biscuits and bourbon biscuits. Yes, they’re that epic!

Today, we’re going to explore the hob and the nob of hobnobs. And try not to giggle like childish idiots whilst doing so.

What are Hobnobs?

They’re a type of biscuit made from jumbo oats and are quite similar to flapjacks.

A chocolate range of the biscuits also exists (chocolate hobnobs) which are also very tasty.

These biscuits are popular amongst Brits during tea breaks as they’re popular for snacks and dunking into their tea.

They’re made with rolled/jumbo oats, wholemeal wheat flour, vegetable oil, and sugar. Individually, these things aren’t that bad for you.

But as you probably know, biscuits are rather moreish. So most people won’t have one, they’ll eat the entire packet of 300g and the 1,500 calories that go with them.

What’s the History of Hobnobs?

McVitie’s launched this range in 1975, with the chocolate version following in 1987.

These days, you can also buy them in dark chocolate and chocolate orange flavours. Plus, there are hobnob bars available. Lol.

If you’re now desperate to find out about the name (aren’t we all!?), the biscuit got its name from the term “to hobnob”. As in, indulge your time with influential people.

The initial marketing campaigns played on the name with this little mantra:

“One nibble and you’re nobbled”

Kind of like Pringles’, “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” Good old addictive foodstuffs, eh? Where would we be without them? *ahem* Minus a lot of obesity.

But yeah, we can’t recall any modern advertisements of these biscuits.

In fact, many people would be surprised to know they’ve only been around since 1985. They feel much older than that.

But they’ve entered the nation’s conscience and, lo, nary an advertising campaign is required. As with the likes of Jaffa Cakes, Brits flock to the biscuits like crazy damn fools!

Do Comedians Use Hobnobs For Comedic Purposes?

Yes. Hobnobs have been referenced in various TV shows we like, often by comedians. Peter Kay, for example, does a good skit about dunking biscuits in tea.

Apologies for the terrible quality of the below clip, but we really wanted to include it as well.

It’s from one of our favourite sitcoms, Bottom. Here Richie and Eddie discuss rioting over a nice cup of tea.

That’s about it, as far as we know. Although in Bottom Live 2 the pair also mention the biscuits again, plus chocolate bourbon ones.

How Do You Make Hobnobs?

Assuming you want the chocolate variety, here’s chef Steve Owens and his very loud chef’s thing ready to help you out!

You can follow Owen’s recipe above, but the basic ingredients you’ll need are:

Rolled Oats
Wholemeal Wheat Flour
Vegetable Oil
Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup
Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate)

Plus, an oven to bake them in. But ovens aren’t ingredients.

Also, it helps if you can hobnob your way into upper class society prior to baking these things. Jolly good show!

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