In Praise of Gravy

The legendary GRAVY!
The legendary GRAVY!

We praised mud recently and, by pure accident, we’re also praising something which looks fairly similar. Gravy does look a bit like mud, but there is this subtle difference; put mud on food and the taste won’t exactly be very good. Smother food in gravy and your dry Christmas Dinner will, all of a sudden, become The Best Meal Ever. This is the power of gravy granules. But what is gravy? Well it’s granules of this stuff called gravy. These days we think of gravy as a, sort of, brown tasting stuff as described above. Gravy itself is the stuff that runs from meat or vegetables so it’s snot exactly brown and gravylike. These days, being the stupid gluttons we is and are, gravy browning comes about with the implementation of gravy salt to the initial gravy stuff. As you can see this whole gravy lark is as challenging as quantum physics! Luckily the world’s food geniuses have condensed it all down to an easy cube (or powder) you can purchase (or steal) in supermarkets (or specialised Gravy Shops), but for many generations (of people) there were great (and tragic) Gravy Wars fought out by the citizens of the world (indeed). As Albert Einstein once quipped, “The past is the past, the future is the future, and gravy is gravy. So shut up and leave me be; if I want to wear my hair like this then so be it!”

Anyway, like normal human beings we’re very fond of the stuff. Two years ago “they” did a Christmas Pot Noodle (don’t ask), in 2012 we wish “they’d” done a Gravy Pot Noodle. It would have been, like, OMG, proper amazing! So this Christmas when you eat/drink some gravy don’t forget what you owe to Albert Einstein. Please also note our recent post about the Food Splat. We feel the picture in this post is the very definition of a Food Splat and wish to thank this photo for highlighting our intrinsic brilliance at pointing out silly stuff. Groovy.

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