Exclusive: Beef Cuts Sound Like Hit Singles!

Flank Shank me-do!

We were having a scan for a food article when we stumbled across some pictures of cows and the beef cuts they provide (poor old cows, eh?). We were getting ready to do a comparison of the UK vs USA when, shock horror, we realised the US variety can have many combinations jammed together to make ‘50s Hit Singles! Consider such hits as;

Chuck Rib Shank, Rib Shank Shank, Chuck Flank Shank, Short Loin Rib Shank, Plate Round Shank, Shank Flank Shank, Shank Shank, Shank Rib, Round Flank (a hit for Elvis, surely!), Sirloin Round (another Elvis mijigger), Rib Chuck, and many, many more!

We believe this would make quite the amazing album and, eventually, Jukebox! Imagine all the beef loving maniacs stuffing their faces with steaks and beef burgers whilst they listened to those Beefy hits getting blasted out of an epic sound system. OMG, it’s like a dream that’s not going to come true! And not a scary dream (okay, so it is a bit frightening), but one of those dreams you wake from and wish you were still in the dream (possibly). Still, why not try some combinations by yourself? Sorted!

Dispense with some gibberish!

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