6 Super Sensational and Culturally Groovy Twitter Accounts to Follow

You want culture? You got it. Take a look at our Shelfie! Now go and follow some more culturally awesome things.

Okay, look at that headline! That’s much more normal compared to our standard “Sardine Ice Cream” or “Easter Bunny Newsletter” posts, the contents of which are crammed full of the ramblings of what one can only presume is a mentally unstable genius or idiot savant. Take your pick! Mr. Wapojif doesn’t care.

What Mr. Wapojif does care about is culture. Let us take things a bit further and add a dollop of snootiness – high-culture! Yes, we’re not on about One Direction or the latest Coldplay album, we’re on about hardcore culture which challenges your pathetic intellectual limitations and makes you realise you’re not an idiot savant at all, you’re just an idiot! Thusly, we’ve dug around to find six truly amazeballs Twitter accounts you should throw your weight behind. Innit.

Maria Popova

Maria Popova is everyone jolly gentleman’s cultural dream. She spends her time foisting on the world magnificent remnants of excellence and, by Jove, do we all profit from her cultural knowhow.

Her site, Brainpickings, is what Professional Moron would be like if we didn’t have such an idiotic desire to behave like imbeciles all the time. It’s enough to make Mr. Wapojif swoon, before remembering he’s a man and must head to the nearest window to shout lecherous, misogynistic abuse at anyone within hearing distance (such as birds flying past his place of residence).

Atlas Obscura

This website picks up the weird and wonderful facts from this largely blue and green Earth. If you like curious oddities, cobwebs and strange, this is the one for you. We mean, the site literally devotes itself to finding curious, weird, and wonderful information, so there’s nothing to complain about.


This Australian account is about rare items and illustrations from ancient books. It’s pretty radical, man, take a look! Some of the stuff they dig up is beyond belief, so it’s a dream account for any artistic sorts reading this.


This one is a nerd’s dream. Although it sometimes posts about stuff which doesn’t interest us (boringly violent AAA blockbuster games titles) it frequently includes some of the most bizarre food inventions from out of Japan. This makes it legendary.


Geek is another awesome site which covers lots of geeky stuff. Hence the title. It covers technology and science stuff, but with occasional food oddities such as this. What a gem!

Professional Moron

There’s also this incredibly bizarre site called Professional Moron which posts about all sorts of weird stuff which has never been discussed before. Check it, fool!*

*We apologise for the shameless SELF-PROMOTION.

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