Tea Week on Professional Moron

Tea week
Our tea collection deliberately blurred. Return next week to become enlightened on the joy of tea!

George Orwell died on this day in 1950 at a ridiculously young age, which robbed the world of the man’s presence of the preceding decades. It’s like with Mozart’s death at only 35 – think of the lost masterpieces we’ve all been denied. There is only one solution to overcome these disappointing realisations – one must fall to one’s knees… and weep.

As covered on Maria Popova’s website, Orwell set forth his 11 steps to making the perfect cup of tea. Now here at Professional Moron we’ve got a special tea week coming up (along the same lines as our Oodles of Noodles run) in order to flaunt our Britishness a great deal. We’ll be sure to mention Orwell during the run, but for today we’re here to comment about what’s in store.

It’s Tea Week (Next Week)!

We’ve stated blatantly in the past Assam Tea with Vanilla is the Best Tea in the World. We’ll stand by that, but there’s a big selection of other teas which are absolutely almighty. We must champion the Clipper and Pukka brands as they are, arguably, the best in the world, so be ready to be enlightened from Monday about these two.

From Monday the 22nd,  we’ll have seven days of tea! For those of you who aren’t tea aficionados this will be a fabulously didactic time of learning about tea and the world of flavours one can well and truly discover. Whilst our Oodles of Noodles run was primarily to shock and appal you, our Tea Week is to enlighten you all and make your lives all the merrier thanks to glorious tea.

We’ll take Orwell’s theory of the perfect cup of tea and we’ll spin it on its head, introducing you to a glorious world of tastes, sounds, distortions, confusion, and fear. Don’t you worry! We’re here to guide you every step of the way and turn you into hopeless tea addicts who can’t go more than three hours without a fix. Hurray! Reasons to be cheerful? Seven!



  1. Hallelujah! X 7,of course!
    Now, back to my next Art Gown. She is almost complete, although I admit to drinking lots of coffee & wine during the making of. However, in celebration of Tea Week, I will toast her with a cup of tea when I begin to photograph her!


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