20 Classic Songs Ruined By Using Fish Names in the Titles

Classic songs ruined by fish
I got lost in the moment so had to film it. Their version of Hit Me Barracuda One More Tuna turned my world upside down.

No matter where you stand on fish, they’re all over the place and you can’t escape them. Well, when we wrote “all over the place” back there on the first sentence, we mean they’re in the ocean (and rivers and lakes). So, they’re typically in any liquid type substance although, rest assured, you can look confidently down at your cup of tea and not expect a great white shark to take a lunge for you.

The sad thing about fish is we’re overfishing them and generally showing contempt towards fishkind. Thusly, we’re here today to remind everyone fish have played an exceptional part in the history of this planet, and this includes with popular music! Take a look at all those classic songs you loved (and possibly still do).

All You Need is Suckermouth Catfish

Classic fish songs

You said it, the Beatles. You said it. Catchy song and a universal message… sort of. We guess the band wrote this during its drugs faze. Something such as “love” might have been more appropriate, though.

Stairway to Haddock

Fishy songs

Led Zeppelin made a generation of Vikings with this homage to ancient Valhalla tricks of yore. Better take that stairway, boys. Haddock is awaiting.

Don’t Look Back in Angler

Hit singles about fish

Oasis knew the path to enlightenment wasn’t through fishing, so they gave up on their hobby and wrote songs about stuff other than fishing.

Sunshine of Your Lungfish

Songs about fish

Arguably Cream’s most famous song, this classic has appeared in films such as Goodfellas and is often played at longneck eel conventions.

I Feel Guppy

Classic fish songs

James Brown knew what it was all about – taking drugs. It made him feel guppy. Which is nice.

I Bet You Look Good on the Dogfish

Fishy songs

Overrated snorefest Arctic Monkeys scored a big hit with this back in ’06. Now it all seems so… puerile and empty.

What a Wonderful Blobfish

Hit singles about fish

Louis Armstrong sure was spot on when he said the blobfish is wonderful.

Come on Megalodon

Songs about fish

Dexy’s Midnight Runners scored a huge hit with this back in ’82. It’s now a favourite song for drunk students to yell in tacky clubs.

Smells Like Tuna Spirit

Classic fish songs

Kurt Cobain knew tuna fish have something majestical about them, which is why he wrote this hit single. He was also on heroin, though… so, you never know.

Break on Through (To the Other Salmon)

Fishy songs

Jim Morrison sure liked his fish (and drugs and alcohol), with the Door’s legendary eponymous debut album opening as a homage to salmon.

I’m a Barracuda

Hit singles about fish

Then I saw her face, now I’m a barracuda… catchy as Hell song (and Hell is catchy!), but it would have been better with a less fishy theme.

Anchovies in the UK

Songs about fish

The Sex Pistols caused a stir in the ’70s with this controversial ditty, which went on to popularise anchovies in the UK (previously, anchovies had been banned due to being difficult to spell).

Hotel Carp

Classic fish songs

The Eagles scored a smash hit with this legendary song about a hotel called Carp. Not the best name ever, eh?

Nine to Fish

Fishy songs

Anyone working a nine-to-fish job knows the best bit is when you reach the fish. Mega-rich Dolly Parton knew this.

Won’t Get Frilled Shark Again

Hit singles about fish

The Who’s Pete Townshend won’t be getting frilled shark again, apparently. We guess he watched Jaws and called it quits after that.

Crazy in Lumpfish

Songs about fish

Beyonce scored a massive hit with this rambunctious tale of lumpfish and craziness. It had a generation of irritating gangsta man boy blokes going: “Bae… why you so cray?!” – aiiiiiie!

Another One Bites the Trout

Classic fish songs

Prescient Freddie Mercury knew future fish would be laced with mercury, so he named many of Queen’s most famous songs after his favourites.

Let’s Spend the Kaluga Together

Fishy songs

Classic Rolling Stones rock ‘n roll here. Rumour has it, the real song is titled Let’s Spend the Night Together, but this was too shocking in the ’60s so Keith Richards (out of it on heroin, cocaine, and petrol) renamed it after the large predatory sturgeon which is indigenous to the Amur River basin.


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