Exclusive Recipe: Tiramiso Soup (tiramisu & soup all-in-one!)

Tiramiso Soup
Got to love a bit of tiramisu… soup.

Our postulations on miso soup have taken us far and wide, including our legendary miso soap recipe.

Tiramiso soup is the best miso based dessert and soup we’ve ever invented (in fact, that has ever been invented). It’s like the Godfather Part II, a realisation of a dream which has been spearheaded by Professional Moron in the name of the miso (or mafia) cause.

The result? The best dessert in living memory. Yes, even better than jam!

The Broth-Like Joys of Tiramiso Soup

Miso soup is, traditionally, consumed due to traditional Japanese traditions, making it a tradition which has, subsequently, been adapted traditionally amongst countries once free from traditional Japanese cuisine.

Thusly, we have a non-tradition which is now a tradition.

Tiramiso soup fits into this quite superbly, as it’s a traditional dessert which is now aligned with the aforementioned non-traditional subsequent tradition that is miso soup.

With all that cleared up, it’s simply a case of this. How does one create this concoction? Well, dears, you’re going to need some miso soup and some tiramisu.

It’s up to you how you approach this, as you can either purchase them in store to save a load of time, or go professional and make the lot yourself.

It depends on how much free time you have, really, but we’re always keen to promote the lazy approach.

Thusly, if you buy some store made tiramisu along with some ready-made miso soup you’re in for a treat. All you have to do is:

  • Chuck the lot into a food blender.
  • Blend it for 60 minutes on maximum blend.
  • Return to the product to find the blender smouldering gently due to the colossal strain placed upon it by our latest recipe.

Chuck a bucket of cold water over the lot and stand back as the electrical equipment sparks wildly with fury, which should eventually lead to all the fuses in your home short circuiting. It is now time to eat your product.

With the blender tamed, you can tip the contents into a bowl and, voila, you have yourself some tiramiso soup which has been prepared with all the care and affection of a Michelin starred chef.

And Introducing… Tiramisu Soap!

If tiramiso soup isn’t for you, then tiramisu soap is your next best bet.

This stuff keeps you clean and, unlike most soaps, you can eat it as well (although it’ll still make you barf as, you know, it’s soap—it just has that enticing tiramisu smell we all know and love).

It can’t, however, be turned into soup… unless you melt several bars of it down into a liquid and consume it like a soup, with tiramisu dippers… Jesus, we’re hungry now.

Anyway, with tiramisu soap, you can happily bathe in a tiramisu soup bath whilst dining on the soup and splashing about quite merrily with cleansing tiramisu soap.

This would be an incredibly upmarket thing to do, we suppose, but then Professional Moron is a really, really upmarket site, so why not? It’d be tiramisuendous (tremendous)!


  1. Fab recipe, and I’m off to take a bath with my tearamasoupsoap!
    Huh? What have I misinterpreted? Well, nonetheless the tirabubbles are fab, and I’m getting clean and fed, finally!


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