Time is Honey: The World’s Most Confusing Honey-Based Saying

Honey being spooned out of a cup
Do you see any time in there?

Time is honey, as the old saying goes. Even though it doesn’t make any sense. At all. Time is not honey. Not even thyme is, either, as it’s bloody thyme!

Stupid sayings like this really leave us perplexed. Albert Einstein must be rolling in his intergalactic vortex whenever someone utters this phrase as, under no capacity, is time relatable to honey.

Other than it takes time to make honey. Huh… does this make sense after all?

Honey & Time

What is time? Seconds, minutes, and hours. You add those together so you have days, months, years, and centuries. The likelihood is there’s a giant clock deep in space inexorably ticking over.

Meanwhile, honey is a yellow substance. It’s also sticky. Perhaps that’s why time is associated with it – the stuff sticks to the honey and can’t escape.

Honey is, therefore, something of a foodstuff black hole – a yellow hole, if you will. It locks time within its stickiness and ensures nothing can ever escape.

Not even a second or bowl of porridge (which goes really well with honey).

Unfortunately, we don’t have a degree in physics so can’t (as we’re stupid) go into the finer mathematical details as to why time is honey.

You’ll just have to fill the gaps in yourselves – because if time is honey, then honey is also time. Think about it… (*cough* so we don’t have to).

Is Time Also Thyme?

As an addendum here, we’ve also got to address a longstanding issue: thyme and time.

Someone once told us they’re homophones, which we took to be a type of phone for gay people. Disgusted, we told the person they shouldn’t be so homophobic.

Once righteous indignation subsided, we went and bought some thyme to perform a scientific experiment. We wrote a rhyme to see if some sort of time-based moment of wonder would occur. This is what we wrote:

Time is good,

So is pudd* ,

So go watch Boyz in the Hood.


We’re not sure what it means. We can decipher any grand significance from it about the nature of time, thyme, or honey. Perhaps it means we should watch more films involving social social commentary.

Or, maybe, we should just steer well clear of yellow holes. Watch out for them bees this summer. You hear?

* Pudding.


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