Vegan (ish) by Jack Monroe

Vegan (ish) by Jack Monroe

Jack Monroe is someone we hold in a bit of awe right now, which is why we covered Tin Can Cook recently.

Her focus on austerity fighting, cheap, and healthy tinned food is more essential than ever! And this December 2019 cookbook focuses on vegan (sort of) recipes.

Vegan (ish)

To be clear, Monroe isn’t vegan. However, she does promote an increase in plant-based meals. For the following reason:

"My theory is, if all of us adopted a few more plant-based meals into our diets on a weekly basis, not only would our food bills go down, but so would our environmental impact."

It’s common for us online to come across (usually 40+ year old geezers) cracking childish jokes about veganism. As if it threatens them, so they must make dullard remarks in a feeble attempt to be above the situation.

Whatever, veganism is for the greater good and doesn’t have to break your bank account.

And here we have 100 cheap and cheerful recipes to give a whirl. On Monroe’s blog, Cooking on a Bootstrap, there are some of her vegan recipes, too.

So you find stuff such as… this! That’s carrot ribbon pasta.

Carrot Ribbon Pasta by Jack Monroe

In Vegan (ish) you’ll come across more fancy spreads and explanations on how to achieve that.

But one of the big differences to Tin Can Cook is this time around there are pictures to support her recipes.

It makes a surprisingly big difference, although does ramp up the cost of this one. Tin Can Cook is, indeed, for those on a super tight budget.

However, for the £16.99 you get plenty of delights. Here’s a dessert, for example.

Jack Monroe's orange and almond brownies recipe

But one of the central points of her cookbooks is to promote healthy living on a tight budget.

They have a magnanimous streak a mile wide—cheap recipes made simple.

And why? From our position over the last 12 years, capitalism is not working properly. Greed and mindless individualism rule, ensuring huge paychecks go to those at the top.

Meanwhile, wages have steadily dropped for the masses. All whilst the cost of living crisis forces millions more into poverty. And, now, we have the coronavirus outbreak and its implications.

Incidentally, we don’t begrudge people their successes. The problem is very much not giving a toss about the less fortunate.

Thinking your success is down to personal brilliance, rather than the happy moments of luck you’ve had along the way.

In the UK, 20 million people live from paycheck to paycheck. Yet we have the capitalistic ideology that makes most suggest poor people are lazy. This is not a system working at all well.

At a time like this, you need to get creative. Which is exactly what Monroe does perfectly.

Vegan (ish) recipes that deliver healthy, affordable options for families. Here’s one from 2014.

Tins!? Do away with the snobbery! Remember, baked beans were once a food for the upper classes.

If you can do that, you’ll find quite glorious recipes delivered in beautiful fashion. As Monroe puts the effort in to ensure the dishes are aesthetically pleasing.

Here, you’ll find the likes of breakfast muckmuffins, beet wellington, kinda-carbonara, and bakewell tart.

All of it written, cooked, and presented by the fabulous Jack Monroe. Yes, we’re gushing. Go and buy her books, dammit!

Political Pans

Despite her left-wing, borderline socialist (the bastard!!!) leaning, Monroe hasn’t limited her marketing to her political stance.

She’s written for The Guardian and The Telegraph. And has appeared on This Morning, a popular national TV show here in England.

It’s in The Guardian we first came across her work. As the lefty bastard democratic socialists that we are.

She champions mental health alongside her cooking, as austerity left her in a very bad situation (along with 10+ million others, of course).

A recovering alcoholic, she teaches folks to love themselves. And promotes an abstinent lifestyle—English folk love to booze, so that’s not going down too well.

And, well, we’re big fans. As you might be able to tell! And we DEMAND you pay attention to Mz. Monroe. Or else!


  1. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a lefty bastard democratic socialist. I like being one myself. Actually, I think of myself as Sir lefty bastard democratic socialist, but maybe that’s just me.

    Apropos cheap cooking, I must check Jack Monroe’s videos out. Thanks to a devastating combination of the Covid-19 crisis, and being at home to Mr Cockup, my household appears to have 500 rolls of toilet paper and 200 litres of flowing soap, but nothing else, in the pantry…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I often stray over to right-wing publications to make comments, which regularly leads to all sorts of verbal abuse and threats.

      Then I go back to The Guardian etc. and it kind of reminds me I’m not a “evil socialist pig dog” etc. I’d just like to see everyone have their hard work rewarded properly.

      Anyway, Monroe doesn’t have many videos. It’s best to check her website, she explains everything there. Some excellent stuff!

      And I trust NZ is doing ok with all this outbreak stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, as a 40++ coffin dodger I think she’s fab! Can you still say fab? Is it even still an iced lolly? Can you still say lolly? I’m not down with the kids no more, alas. No longer cool. I don’t have enough piercings or tatts for that.

    One of the more distressing aspects of growing older, more so even than your eyes going and arthritis, has been watching former comrades (used here totally unironically) turn into reactionary gammons from central casting. A kid who used to holiday in Albania (in the 70s!) and thought Ho Chi Minh was a centrist now worships at the altar of Farage and Robinson.

    At its core JM’s message is all about thoughtfulness, kindness and simplicity. No wonder the likes of Hopkins and Morgan hate her…

    Liked by 1 person

    • You can, indeed, still say fab. I tend to go for “fantabulous” these days.

      And, yes, her message is all about thoughtfulness and kindness. Really, both starting to depart society as we all chase after the fairytale wealthy ending. Really rather sad.

      But it’s important to champion the cause! And Monroe is particularly active on Twitter and is happy to fearlessly make her point. Which I admire greatly.

      Plus, she won a court case against Katie Hopkins. That makes her a God in our eyes.

      Liked by 1 person

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