Porridge With Cinnamon & Turmeric: A Healthy Yes!

Spices laid out on a table, including turmeric

Porridge is one of those breakfasts you don’t really think much about. Get some oats, add some milk, and wahey. But what if you want to spice it up!?

Porridge & Spices Breakfast Recipe

No, we didn’t invent this one ourselves. As we’re not chefs. But we’re so impressed with it, we just had to shout it out loud.

Kind of like with cauliflower cake from a while back. And all the weird English comfort foods we’re flagging up at the moment (see bubble and squeak).

Yes, this is porridge with cinnamon and turmeric. Pretty simple, really, but then it had never crossed our brains to add turmeric to oats.

Cinnamon makes sense as it’s sweet and versatile. But the addition of turmeric adds a hefty little punch as well. A great way to boost your immune system and avoid getting the common cold.

It’s really simple to make as well. You don’t need to gloves, like that lunatic in the above video does. Hypochondriac!?


Anyway, you can mishmash together a bunch of stuff to help you out here. Aim for the following in a nice bowl.


A dash of turmeric

A dash of cinnamon

Some pumpkin seeds

A sprinkling of wheatgerm

An assortment of raisins

Your milk of choice (such as oat milk)

You can heat that lot up if you want to. Or have the porridge mix cold. Whatever floats your boat.

But it’s easy to cobble together and most excellent to eat. What’s to complain about? Nothing! A super healthy morning kick.

Notes on Spices

They’re easy to come by these days and so ubiquitous with cooking many forget just how amazing these things are.

Cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, mixed herbs etc. They’re incredible. Tasty, very healthy, and super cheap.

Since reading Laurence Bergreen’s Over the Edge of the World, we’ve gained a new appreciation of spices.

Once upon a time, they weren’t in wild abundance. And to get them, many a sailor would put their life on the line sailing around the world.

Spices commanded masses of money back then. And thousands died in the name of shipping them from the Spice Islands (Maluku Islands in Indonesia) all across the world.

Just so some folks could sprinkle black pepper or nutmeg onto their food. Reet proper.


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