Weetabix: The Breakfast Cereal of Champions

A box of Weetabix
Weetabix is go!

Weetabix is a British wheat-based cereal that’s the stuff of legends. Hearty, filling, and tasty, it’s been a major part of our lives over the years.

And so we’re here to explain why, since 1984, it’s kept us full during breakfasts. Indeed, we owe our very lives to these little wheat biscuits.

What’s Weetabix?

It’s a wholegrain wheat cereal. The biscuits are rounded rectangles, which you typically serve with milk and a few other bits and bobs.

Chuck some wheatgerm, pumpkin seeds, and raisins on top and you’re sorted for a fine breakfast.

In the UK, Weetabix Ltd. produces the product in Northamptonshire, although it also exports to some 80 countries.

The History of Weetabix

Recently, Weetabix caused a social media storm when its official account ran a baked beans take on the dish.

It so out of the blue it left many startled observers so startled all they could do was mindlessly retweet the thing. 

There was even this little nod to Marmite recently, a combination the likes of which we could nary have dreamt of until now. Although, yes, it’s a joke.

Cue lots of digital marketers online saying, “Now that is clever advertising. Bravo. A work of genius.” And all that crap.

But the reality is Weetabix has been around for ages, with the original dish coming from Australia in the form of Weet-Bix.

The business Grain Products Ltd. created the foodstuff and launched it in the mid-1920s.

It had a bit of a tumultuous early history, shifting operations over to South Africa. With funding, the business The British and African Cereal Company Limited came about.

Weet-Bix then became Weetabix. It was launched in different countries, with the cereal making its way to the UK in time for 1932.

Apparently, it hit North America in the 1960s. And, yes, you can buy this thing in America and Canada. It’s manufactured in Ontario for both countries.

And the cereal? Legendary! We really like it.

For us, it was a big part of our youth. As a whippersnapper we’d have two for hearty breakfast. It’s kind of thought of as a proper solid day foundation. Eat your Weetabix to stay strong!

These days we prefer porridge with turmeric and all that, being sophisticated halfwits, but we do have Weetabix from time to time. As a treat.

How Do You Make Weetabix?

Well, you don’t make Weetabix, you buy it from the shop. Then add a milk of your choice and you’re away.

And as gorgeous, Sexiest Man of the Year, dreamboat chef man bloke Jamie Oliver points out, it’s one of the healthiest cereals you can buy on the market.

And it really is. There’s not too much added crap, unlike 90% of cereals out there.

Even some of the healthier ones claiming to be the bee’s knees have a load of additional garbage chucked in. Usually excess sugar.

So, Weetabix is a decent option for anyone looking to be healthy. Just remember you don’t need to add baked beans on top.


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