Will & Grates: The Spin Off Sitcom That Never Was

A grate
What a great grate!

Will & Grace was a popular TV show starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing. It ran for 11 seasons and 246 episodes between 1999 and 2020.

The show is now as dead as a dead thing, but that doesn’t mean spin offs can’t take place. And that’s where our concept enters the fray!

We’re determined to make it as great as the likes of Frasier. So here’s the concept. You ready?!

All About the Hit Show Will & Grates

Whilst Will & Grace was about two friends living together in New York and wobbling through life, Will & Grates is mainly about a bit of grating.

The show is totally unrelated to Will & Grace, other than it’s set in New York.

As a sitcom, it follows the life of William (“Will”) who works with grates. He makes them, repairs them, and even dreams about them.

The show follows his various misadventures as he treks around New York fixing all the grates he can, as part of his business Will & Grates (an intentional wordplay on the sitcom).

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Will, recurring casts members including Will’s employees. This includes actors such as Jai Courtney, Megan Fox, Denise Richards, Madonna, and Nic Cage.

Spread across one season with 37 episodes, Will & Grates would be a high budget sitcom filmed in New York in front of a live studio audience.

To achieve this remarkable production achievement, the studio audience would be wheeled around on a giant platform and placed before actors as they act.

Unfortunately, in September 2023, whilst manoeuvring the platform it plunged into a subway stairwell and there were several sprained ankles amongst the audience members.

Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly apologised for the incident. Making various Arnold noises, he then bellowed to reporters:

“You cold-blooded bastard! I’ll tell you what I think of it! I’ll live to see you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist, because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your goddamn spine!”

Despite this minor issue, the show was a surprise hit for Schwarzenegger, catapulting the 75 year old to (more) worldwide fame.

The show also went on to win three Oscars, after the awards ceremony decided in 2022 to allow TV in on the act. For the hell of it.

Best Episodes of Will & Grates

After only one season there were so many highs. Here’s hoping no studio execs terminate the show for no reason!

As with great moments like this, there’s a lot more to look forward to:

  • Grate Time: Will has a birthday party in the most densely populated grate region of New York. Unfortunately, the party ends in a drunken rampage from Will after a guest tells him grates are “stupid”.
  • Grapes: Will takes a day off. He goes to the supermarket, buys a load of grapes, and eats them. Unfortunately, this provides a laxative effect and he spends the rest of the day making Arnold noises.
  • Grate to See You: Sylvester Stallone has a cameo and he spends the entire film shooting grates with massive guns. Will comments that he’s a “massive loser and a bit weird”, unfortunately ruining their friendship.

As we went to press, the unfortunate news is the series will be cancelled, all of its awards removed, and it’ll be obliterated from history.

When quizzed why this was the case, Schwarzenegger told reporters, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

This merely caused more confusion, so the reporters terminated the story.


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