BOdorant: Winner of 2022’s Stench of the Year [Sponsored Post]

BOdorant smells

Hello there, stinky person! You look like you need some BOdorant! It’s the world’s ONLY smelly smell smell deodorant designed to make you stink real bad.

Whether you’re a macho geezer seeking that fresh reek of stale BO about your person, or you just want to annoy your colleagues, BOdorant is the BO spray of your dreams!

Body Odour is the Stench of the Year

BOdorant won Stench magazine’s Stench of the Year 2022. It’s the hottest, most foul-smelling anti-hygiene product on the market today.

BOdorant smells so bad, it’ll put hair on your eyebrows. It’s highly effective at:

  • Repelling members of the opposite sex
  • Making you stink of body odour
  • Lowering your reputation significantly amongst everyone you know
  • Disgusting various people you randomly meet

For the women of this world, if you’re sick to death of guys hassling you with flirtatious comments, a hefty spray of BOdorant will send them packing quicker than they can say, “Oi oi, darlin’!”

For the men of this world, if you want to ramp up your macho factor to hypermasculine standards, liberally spray yourself with the manly stench of stink.

“But isn’t body odour, like, gross?!” you ask.

No! It’s a chemosensory form of communication for our species, you idiot. Especially in flirting. If you want to flirt, you need to get covered in dirt. And by being all active and rolling around the place, you’ll get BO.

Or you can just use BOdorant. Your choice (we highly recommend you use BOdorant though—did we mention we won an award?!).

BOdorant is £100 ($200) a canister and is available in mint flavour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by mint flavoured deodorant?

Although we highly recommend you don’t eat BOdorant (as you will die if you do), mint flavour BOdorant has a pleasant minty taste to it. This is so because we add mint to it.

This serves no real purpose and actually takes the edge off the BO stench you were looking for. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Why would you want to smell like BO? This product is ridiculous!

Shut up, you prat!

Why is BOdorant so expensive? £100 for a canister is daylight robbery!

Be quiet, you foolish cretin! BOdorant is £100 a canister as it an ultra-high-quality product that delivers on its promises.

If you’re a cheapskate then, by all means, don’t use this product. But did we mention we won an award? Well, you won’t associate yourself with an award-winning product if you don’t buy BOdorant. And that’ll make you a loser!

I’ve accidentally inhaled a canister of BOdorant, what do I do?

Congratulations! You are now officially the worst smelling human being in the world! While you await your inevitable death, bask in the knowledge that you’ve achieved something in your life thanks to BOdorant.


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