Exclusive Recipe: Oreo And Salt Hot Pot!

The legendary (in America, anyway) Oreo. Even though most people only seem to like the white filling bit. Not that it matters in our soup version, of course!

This latest genius recipe of ours is a mixture of all things American and English. You see, Oreos are very big over in America (not so in England); they’re these two biscuit things with a cream filling in the middle (as pictured on the right, duuuuh), making them mini-cookies. Conversely, Hot Pot is a popular English meal of all sorts of guff thrown together and left to stew. There may be a variation of this in the US of Z but, frankly, we just… don’t… know! Lastly, salt’s a common ingredient which has, of late, been creating problems. Basically, too much salt is being added to food and people are becoming addicted, or just dying. And death just isn’t very healthy. What is healthy, however, is a HUGE amount of the stuff (salt) to get it out of your system and make you bored of the stuff (salt). Rather! This is where we come in. Behold our latest recipe of AWESOMENESS.

Oreo and Salt Hot Pot is fairly straightforward to create “as” all one needs is a very large batch of Oreos (probably about 200) and about seventeen bags of the purest salt you can lay your hands on. With this sorted you’re going to need a massive great pot to stew it all up in. You should also, preferably, find a sous chef called Stewart so you make endless jokes about stew (the food) and Stewart (the human person). It just helps the thyme pass, you see. For preparation; lightly crush the Oreos and fling into the Pot. Blast the heat onto full volume and roast the living daylights out of them for 20 minutes! Once dense clouds of thick smoke fill your kitchen it’s thyme to add the salt – tip it all and mix it all into the charcoally mess whilst cackling insanely. You may find your Stewart fleeing for his life around this point, but fear not as you can don’t really need him anymore anyway anyhow anywhere. Turn your cooker onto medium heat and simmer the Oreo and Salt Hot Pot mess for a further 45 minutes. Serve warm and with globules of marmite to make the abhorrent mess somewhat palatable. Serves twelve. Enjoy!

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