What Is Goat’s Cheese?

Goat Cheese
Beware of the goat!

Cheese is great, as all sane people agree, but there’s an anomaly in the world of cheese which goes by the term Goat’s Cheese. Today, we’re going to try and clear up the confusion.

Goats are four legged beasts kind of like small horses. They make stupid noises, can be highly angry animals, and are prone to eating anything. Although they’re not domesticated they can be kept as pets – just don’t go calling it Fido and demanding games of fetch or affection. A goat is more likely to headbutt you in a rage than wag its tail.

It is, arguably, due to these belligerent characteristics that goats have cheese. Once a goat has cheese you don’t want to go stealing it orf orf it, as you’ll end up getting maimed. This won’t sound good when you call up sick to work. Consequently, the cheese industry dubs Goat’s Cheese as cheese which belongs to a goat. You can’t have this cheese. Even if you really want it.

The Goat’s Cheese confusion stems from human stupidity. Many people believe Goat’s Cheese is a cheese made by, or from, goats. This simply is not the case. Cheese is cheese. You can’t deny this – it is the by-product of cheese, because it is cheese. In layman’s terms: you can’t make cheese from a goat. This would be more like a steak. We’re sure this is edible, but it isn’t classed as cheese. You hear?

Note the apostrophe in Goat’s Cheese – it indicates possessiveness. It’s not plural, as when a goat has the cheese it does not share it with other goats. It is a singular phenomenon. Consequently, Goat’s Cheese is cheese which belongs to a goat. We hope this has been a didactic experience for you.

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