Clipper’s White Tea is Made by Dragons… so Drink it!

Clipper White Tea
It’s a dragon. Roar!

Oh my, we’re tripping back to last month and taking a look at the glorious world of white tea! By tripping back me mean this – we had a Tea Week. During it, we forgot to mention white tea and how white tea is, as evidenced on this tea packet, made by white, scaly, and terrifying dragons.

We don’t have anything against dragons, of course. It’s fantastic they can find an endearing new vocation in an era when their more psychotic personality attributes (breathing fire, roaring, invading places etc.) are no longer particularly necessary. Fantabulous! They’re creators of white tea and we’re super happy about it.

Clipper’s Organic White Tea

You can trust the Clipper brand with their fairtrade and organic standards to produce something which pretty glorious tom behold. Thusly we have a: “Light, delicious, and highly refreshing” tea which is as “light and elegant” as a dragon, it would seem. Look, it’s the dragon saying it on the front cover of the box… you’re not going to argue with a dragon, are you?

The real thing about white tea is just how “delicate” it is. Light and elegant it may be, but this means if you pour scolding hot water over the tea bag it will shriek hysterically and leg it out of your tea cup. The bloody pansy! It’s not like a proper man’s brew with six spoonfuls of sugar, whole milk, and a mouldy old digestive biscuit to dip in. No! This one’s for girls, evidently!

Taste Test!

Except it isn’t, of course, it’s a tea for everybody. We must say you have to be a real tea aficionado to take this one on, though, which kind of contradicts the first sentence in this here paragraph. What do we care? It’s our blog we can do what we want!

We will explain why it’s for tea aficionados – it’s because it’s not the most glorious taste. Indeed, whilst white tea is rather good for you (assisting with weight loss, amongst many other things – such as scurvy) it’s usually best to add a natural sweetener to give it some flavour. We don’t mean a chunk of butter, a heap of sugar, or whole milk – add some fresh lemon juice, or something. There you go, your delicious spring tea drink sorted! The dragons will applaud you.

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