Great Sayings Revisited: Cat got your dung?

Cat got your dung
Got you stinking hands off my dung, you damn dirty cat!

As we’ve been steadily working our way through old maxims, and pointing out how stupid they are, we arrive at one of the weirdest of the lot: “Cat got your dung?” This is… what the hell? It still baffles us to this day! What dung? We don’t know about you, but we don’t keep our dung lying about the place. We have a rather efficient toilet which takes care of all that lot for us – thank you irrigation.

Again, when you trace the etymology of seemingly daft sayings such as this, you do find quite reasonable explanations. Some seem to stick around for no good reason, like “beauty is in the eye of the beetroot holder“. It may seem vacuous, it is vacuous, and you’re vacuous if you still use these silly sayings, which is why the cat must have your dung, you foolish moron.

Cat Got Your Dung?

Okay, so most people keep pet cats as they’re inquisitive, cute, fun, charming, weird, and entertaining. As companions go, they’re far less annoying than men and don’t start football riots, so there is nothing but superlatives when it comes to these furry little dudes.

They’ve been domesticated for a long time, too, with the Egyptians worshipping the littles dears (a state of affairs analogous in modern day Nippon – that’s Japan to you, layman!). Of course, in the past we’re sure the Egyptians did something weird, such as dragging their dung to the cats. Heck, when not building pyramids and that thing with no nose, they surely must have had a severe dung issue. Solution? Give it to the gods to take care of!

Naturally, cats aren’t really effective in this manner. They’re very good at preening and pampering themselves, but a state of the art waste removal system they most certainly are not. We guess ancient Egypt eventually figured this out, so why has the saying stuck around?

Miaow-sers (Answers)

Frankly, we don’t know. Some people are dense and, consequently, in their pursuit of sounding wise, knowledgeable, or learned, they will spout garbage to try and win over whoever is in earshot. This may be a horribly snotty and arrogant assessment by us, but then what do we know? Take a look at the blog name, fool!

Ultimately, we believe whilst modern cats may not have got your dung, what they have got is your bank balance and affections well under control. How come? Well, we all know humans don’t really own cats. Cats own humans – you run around looking after the furry things and they could, quite easily, clear off at any moment and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

If you’re eager to keep your cat around, we suppose you could build a dung fortress around her or him. This would, we feel, get on your cat’s nerves, so probably leave the dung to the dung beetle – these aren’t typically pets, but if you have a festering dung problem in your home, buy some dung beetles to clean the place up.


  1. OMG! No wonder my cats are so listless. They have no dung to got! Except for their own, which they give me…. in which case I’ve got the cat’s dung. Hmmm….?


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