Exclusive Recipe: The Bazooka Cake (tasty & explosive)

A toy soldier holding a bazooka
Bazooka that cake.

A while ago we created the romance bazooka and it was a brilliant invention. Now we have a genius recipe—the bazooka cake!

Because you’ll no doubt have spare bazookas laying about the place at home. And it’s bad to waste food. So! TIME TO BAKE A KABOOM CAKE!

What is the Bazooka Cake?

It’s a delicious cake consisting of normal cake ingredients. And a bazooka.

Truly, the juxtaposition of an entire bazooka sticking out of a freshly baked cake is one of the most awe-inspiring things you’ll ever see.

Granted, the bazooka isn’t edible. And, of course, is liable to go off when baking in the oven.

As such, if you’re looking to bake this delicious recipe then only do so if you own more than one home. Otherwise you may be rendered as homeless.

How to Make a Bazooka Cake

First, you’ll need to acquire a 2.8 Rocket Launcher, M20B1 “Super Bazooka”. These are typically available from your local bazooka shop.

They tend to be nearby local supermarkets etc. So consider purchasing the weapon along with your other baking goods during the same shop.

That ensures you only make one car journey, thusly protecting the environment from superfluous consumerism.

Once home, bake the cake as normal. Just ensure you leave enough space to insert the bazooka through the centre of the cake.

You must then manoeuvre the cake into the oven.

This is most difficult due to the bazooka, but with a bit of creativity you’ll be A okay and ready to dine after a few hours of baking at 90 degrees.

The Bazooka Cake as Food

The cake is delicious when served as a cake. It will astound your friends, colleagues, or family members—whoever ears a slice may well weep with joy.

Should anyone enquire about the bazooka (and its necessity), merely point out it’s better to have bazookas in cakes than on the streets.

Crime is escalating these days, after all, so you’re doing a lot of good for the community and world in general.

The Bazooka Cake as a Weapon

The bazooka cake can also be used as a hellish and destructive weapon of doom.

Simply support it on your shoulder of choice, aim it at a destination of your choice, and fire with much gusto.

Whilst your cackle with demonic delight, you can also reach up to grab a chunk of the cake and relish in the delicious sugary goodness.

All whilst you gaze lovingly on the almighty inferno you’re responsible for.

So, yes, the bazooka cake is something of a contradiction. It’s lovely and delicious. You really can’t beat it for being a novelty cake item.

And yet it’ll also blow anything to smithereens within a 100 yard radius. Bombastic baking done proper.


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