Random Restaurants: Food Things to Consider (rate my plate!)

Some random restaurants next to neon lights

Not a major post today, just a couple of food things we came across on Twitter. Both about food. Do you like food? Good, so do we!

And yeah, why not? This is the site that brought you news on Marmite ale and cheese tea. So here’s more of this stuff.

Random Restaurants

Okay, we bloody love Random Restaurants. Why? As it yanks random restaurants from their Google presence and depicts them to the world!

There’s a constant stream of these obscure, diddy little places you’ll never visit (probably) highlighted day in, day out.

And we just find it very sweet. Highlighting these random businesses. Have a gander!

Kind of a reminder of the small businesses that, importantly, populate the world away from the massive scale chain restaurants and businesses that are ruining it for everyone else.

Plus, the feed kind of makes us hungry.

And the thing with Random Restaurants is it’s not usually dodgy food. The establishments look really nice. Look at this SOB in Togo, West Africa.

Makes you want to go, right? Hungry now as well, yes? Well, this post goes out at 6pm UK time so you’ll be able to dine around this point. Bon!

We guess we’re just waiting on the first time the Twitter account flags up Manchester. We’ll be watching. Bloody. Closely.

It’ll probably end up being in Wigan with the Wigan Kebab, or something. But let’s hope it’s the fish & chips shop just up the road from where we live.

Rate My Plate

Rate My Plate is almost as good as the above account, depending on how depraved individuals want to get.

It was actually the official Marmite Twitter account retweeting the below abomination that got our attention about this thing.

Look at that! We mean, why wouldn’t you want to follow this account?

Granted, some of the posts are quite as awe-inspiring as above. But it’s still quite a glorious little homage to just how rubbish most amateur cooks are.


  1. I bet the cheesy noodles on toast need something more to make them palatable. Marmite for example. Actually, I’m wondering about a Marmite fast food joint. Marmite on toast. Marmite with eggs. Marmite steak. Marmite with Marmite. Marmite creme souffle. And of course, Marmite Supreme, consisting of a jar of marmite which diners can enjoy in its entirety. Would this work?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Deffo on the Marmite! It just goes with everything, you know? Marmite champagne is what I want to see next. If you’re willing to fund this business venture, I’ll get on with the marketing campaigns.


  2. So, inasmuch as I do like your touting of small restos, I may never eat in a restaurant again.
    This virus has messed me up, in that regard. Still, you are lovely to post this!

    Liked by 1 person

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