Are Sweet Potatoes Made Out Of Sweets?

A bunch of sweet potatoes

It’s a myth and an urban legend as old as time. Just what are sweet potatoes made out of? Sweets? Sweat? Aspic? Let’s find out.

What Are Sweet Potatoes?

It’s a dicotyledonous bindweed plant. Or, as we usually think of them, a potato that is super tasty and nifty for various foodstuff meals.

For the first time Professional Moron aims to prove that sweet potatoes are not made out of anything other than whatever potatoes are made of.

The Nature of Sweet Potatoes

“Potato” best sums up the fleshy, carb stuff in the middle.

Potato skin is perhaps made out of the fingernails from distant aliens who visited our planet millions of years ago, but the middle bit is vegetable based.

Anyway, heed this picture of a sweet potato on the right and read on, good sir/madame, to find out why this mystical vegetable is indeed a vegetable and not any gelatin based sugary food stuff. Indeed.

“Oh yeah?” you snort. “Is these assertions based on any evidence?” you guffaw.

Of course it is, darlings! And it’s “are”, not “‘is”. The evidence directly below this brief statement will confirm, once and for all, that sweets have nothing to do with Sweet Potatoes.

We also have an official statement from the SPIT (Sweet Potato International Tribune) here to back up our claim:

We agree with this fully, and would like to show the picture below. It is of sweets. Note the picture above—a sweet potato. No sweets involved. At all.

However, as we also like to maintain clarity, impartiality, subjectivity and objectivity, we also include a statement from a anti-no-sweets-in-Sweet-Potatoes denier.

Whilst we don’t agree with the claims of their organisation SPAMOS (Sweet Potatoes Are Made Of Sweets), we welcome freedom of speech (and you can check out our sweet potatoes are really made of sweets).

Even if that slice of free speech is complete and utter nonsense. Their idiotic official statement was issued earlier today and is included below.

"We, the SPAMOS community, would like to indicate that through the actions of the Potato Gods Sweet Potatoes have been known to be made from sweets since time itself began. It has been proven so by archaeological digs, by the Richter Scale, and through evolutionary theory. Our belief is also backed up by Sweet Potatoes tasting sweet, and by our Chief Director Mr. Insane Git II. YOURS TRULY, SPAMOS!"

Dispense with some gibberish!

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