Are Hamburgers Made Out Of Ham?

A cartoon hamburger

Here in the Professional Moron office we don’t eat beef very often. Once or twice a year, and that’s a fact.

Perhaps it was the BSE scare (see The Family That Couldn’t Sleep) we had in the UK back in the early ’90s. Maybe it’s just because we’re not that bothered about the taste.

Ham & Hamburgers: The Truth

We’ve always been in love with seafood and fish. Prawns, oysters, salmon, crabs, mussels… man, our brains are watering just thinking about it!

There is a downside to our wild lust for the sea’s bounty—the oceans are being bled dry (think of Jiro Dreams of Sushi for more advice)! Cod will go first, then tuna.

Sharks and whales will be next. In the end it will be just one solitary haddock swimming around in circles wondering why it’s not being devoured.

It’s a tragic story, but humans appear to have this destructive nature… just ask Genghis Khan!

Which brings us to the point of this post. Hamburgers. Why are “they” called “Hamburgers” when it’s sort of clear they’re not made out of ham. Ham is pork. Ham also tends to be not like a beefburger.

Now beefburger is the actual meat, and you can prefix the “beef” onto the start of the word so you can remove the glaring embarrassment of “ham”.

This does not negate from the fact it’s called a Hamburger. Dearie us… if ever we needed proof that human beings are insane, this is it.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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